All About Fethiye - Turkey and Why Everyone Loves It

When it comes to Turkish delights, learning about Fethiye in Turkey inspires everyone to get on a plane. Sitting on the Mediterranean coastline, this picturesque region is a central sailing hub of the Turquoise coast, and a sailors' playground for international yachts from around the world. The many sandy beaches, nearby ancient ruins and the gorgeous climate also make it a top holiday destination for many nationalities. The vibes run even deeper into the food, culture, and local hospitality, leading many people to buy houses and live here permanently as an expat in Turkey. Consisting of the main town centre and smaller villages, if you have not already been, put it on your bucket list for many good reasons.


All About Fethiye -Turkey

6 Prominent Places Within Fethiye

Fethiye sits in the middle of Turkey's southern coastline, and the name refers to the main city centre and the larger region. The most well-known surrounding districts are Patara, Gocek and Dalaman. But let's look at famous places that make a good base for a cheap holiday in the region.

Oludeniz Beach

Oludeniz: This cosmopolitan, seaside holiday resort mainly earns fame because of the Blue Lagoon, a top photographed beach of Turkey. It has a lot more to admire, though. Any foreigner will love the main town centre sandy beach that offers stunning Mediterranean-sea views as well as ideal sunbathing and swimming conditions. Paragliding is a favourite activity, as participants take off from nearby Baba mountain and come into a landing pad on Oludeniz beach. The beach resort also offers a good selection of bars and restaurants offering entertainment and international and Turkish food. Indeed, for a holiday in Turkey focused on relaxation, Oludeniz is a good choice. (More about Oludeniz.)

Calis Beach: If gorgeous sands and water sports are what you hamper after, head to Calis Beach. This holiday destination makes the most sunshine with its long promenade lined with lively bars and restaurants that are sleepy by day and the best for family-themed nightlife. To liven it up, buses run regularly into Fethiye town centre. Travellers will especially like the sunset on Calis beach.

Hisaronu and Ovacik: Set and inland, and over the hillside from Oludeniz, these two villages sitting side by side were initially built to cope with tourism's overspill. Both make ideal bases for vacations and offer the stunning Taurus mountains backdrop scenery. British tourists form a large part of their holiday market, and Ovacik also appeals to expats looking to buy a property and live here.

Mountainous Uzumlu: While waterfront resorts are all the rage, an inland secret is popular with expat house owners. Sitting 17 kilometres from Fethiye town, Uzumlu, a village within the Taurus mountain range, boast of the old traditional part and large modern villas. Many people choose to buy property here because it is cheaper than the coastal resorts and because of peace and stunning surrounding landscape views.

Fethiye Town: This is the Fethiye region's beating heart and shopping, eating out, and nightlife hub. Take your pick from expensive fine dining restaurants near the marina to the traditional fish market eateries to buy street food to go. To visit other nearby places like Kalkan, or Dalaman, or go further afield in Turkey, the central bus station called an otogar offers cheap and frequent services. It is a good idea to make sure Fethiye town is the first place you explore.

10 of the Best Things to Do in Fethiye

Fethiye throws out a multitude of things to do and places to see. An excellent place to start is exploring the main town, including prominent landmarks like the museum and amphitheatre. Also, opt to indulge in everything Turkish by having a shave, eating in traditional restaurants, and indulging in the Turkish baths, an ancient ritual dating from the Roman period. Otherwise, as well as visiting the places mentioned above, the following suggestions are top tourist attractions and a must-see.

Sailing in Turkey

Butterfly Valley: Any informative traveller to Turkey will say put Butterfly Valley on your sightseeing itineraries. Nestled in between two mountains, this secluded and idyllic location is all about being at one with Mother Nature. Take a walk to the back of the valley to see small waterfalls, or go snorkelling in the crystal blue sea. Getting there is easy. Catch a water taxi from Oludeniz beach, jump aboard a daily boat trip, and sign up for an overnight Blue Cruise to visit other highlighted destinations. What to know about Butterfly Valley in Fethiye.

Trek the Lycian Way: Many people make the trip to Turkey purely to go trekking the Southwestern Lycian Way, a 500-kilometre trail running from Antalya to Fethiye. It is a celebration of the great outdoors and a great insight into ancient times and the Lycia Civilization. This kingdom was known for its forward-thinking and robust democratic principles, and the trek takes in many scattered ancient cities and archaeological sites. (About the Lycian way.)

Sail the Turkish Riviera: Fethiye is a central riviera hub, consisting of many Blue Cruise routes to take in coastal resorts, hidden bays and coves, and notable places of interest while enjoying being at sea. Some people hire a private yacht from the marina, while others book a traditional gulet cruise departing from the main harbour to go cruising in style. Although you can even sail to the Greek islands on these routes, a popular choice from Fethiye is the three-night trip to Olympos, stopping by other places like Kalkan and Patara. While sailing, expect to see the endangered loggerhead turtles which inhabit this region. (What to know about sailing the riviera.)

Kayakoy Ghost Village: A popular excursion is to drop by Kayakoy ghost village. This deserted community lives on through the abandoned churches, schools and houses covering the hillside. The turning point in its historical timeline dates back nearly 100 years to the Turkish War of Independence after the Ottoman Empire was disbanded. Following Lausanne's treaty, a population exchange took place between Greek citizens of Kayakoy and Turkish citizens in Greece. However, the returning Turks could not adapt to their newfound life and slowly deserted the village to seek stability elsewhere. Get there on the bus or join a jeep safari tour and be sure to stop by the nearby restaurants for some traditional Turkish cuisine after. What to do in Kayakoy.

The Fethiye Tombs: For a relaxing morning stroll, head to the preserved Fethiye tombs to glance at the ancient world. Reached by a steep footpath, once there turn around for a fantastic view overlooking the town and the Mediterranean Sea. Dating from the Lycian empire, this is where they buried royal members for easy access to the afterlife. The most famous, Amyntas Tomb, has been featured in many historical and travel brochures promoting the area.

Paspatur: Whenever you travel to Turkey, always seek out the old town district of the place you visit. In the case of Fethiye, this is Paspatur, sitting within walking distance of the ancient amphitheatre. Stroll the cobbled lanes lined with traditional houses to get a glimpse of how Fethiye was before it blossomed into a popular travel and expat hub. Many shops are a souvenir bonanza, and the odd splattering of bars make great watering holes, both day and night.

Ferries to Rhodes Greek Island: Take to the sea to enjoy two holidays within one. Rhodes, part of the Dodecanese group of islands, is a popular day-trip on the ferries and once there, make your itinerary for exploring. One delight is the medieval old town, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of Greece's most popular tourist attractions. Departing in the morning and returning in the evening, this is a must-do while in Fethiye.

Saklikent Gorge: Many tour agencies sell a day-trip to visit here, or you can use car hire. Upon parking up and after paying the entrance fee, walk the metal pathway attached to the gorge's side, and you will soon arrive at the viewing platform. However, to be adventurous, cross over the river and head further into the valley to witness the power of Mother Nature. After exploring, sit in a traditional, riverside restaurant and enjoy freshly cooked trout or local dishes.

Tlos Ancient Ruins: Often combined with the above, Tlos, an ancient city, is renowned for its mixture of architecture, including Roman, Lycian, Byzantine and Ottoman. After exploring the remaining landmarks like the theatre, fortress, basilica, and acropolis, head to the Lycian tombs on the top of the hill that boasts of a stunning Xanthos valley view.

Kids Activities in Fethiye: Every parent will testify the way to have a good holiday is to keep the kids active. While the above places can all be visited with children, there are more activities, primarily geared up for them, that will differentiate between a mediocre holiday and a great one. Find out more here.

Kayakoy Ghost Village

All About Mugla in Turkey

When learning all about Fethiye – Turkey, you will soon discover it belongs to the larger Mugla province. This area, a top visited tourism spot, includes other prominent towns and cities like Bodrum, Dalyan, and Marmaris. Fethiye is an excellent base from which to explore the larger Mugla province, so we delved into what to know, the best time to visit, where to stay and what to see and do. Read our article about Mugla here. Otherwise, our regional blog, packed full of useful tips and advice, will be of use to visit other places in Turkey.

Fethiye Tombs


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