The Mugla Province of Turkey: Destination Guide and Where to Go

If you want to holiday or live here, the Mugla province of Turkey is an ideal destination to choose. Brimming with coastal resorts, picturesque villages, stunning beaches, calm waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, and much more, it hosts millions of tourists every year. Although it is the name of a city with the same name, we are talking about the region covering part of the western and southern coasts, that includes holiday hotspots like Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris and Dalaman. To prove the popularity of this Turkish delight, look past its tourism record to foreign house sales. Many foreigners have purchased either holiday homes or retirement property and live here all year round because the cosmopolitan ambience encompasses all levels of society but stays true to its traditional roots.

Mugla province Turkey

Mugla Province of Turkey

1: How to Get Here

Mugla steps up to the podium as the king of air travel, with two of Turkey’s top touristic air travel hubs. Bodrum international airport in the Aegean mainly services resorts around that area, while people travelling to western resorts use Dalaman. Both have flights to and from countries around the world. Additionally, the major D400 highway runs through the region, making getting here via bus or car easy. It also includes a large section of coastline, so yachts from international waters enter via official points of entry.

2: Best Time to Visit Mugla

Beach lovers who want mostly sunny weather should visit during the official tourism season from May to October when beaches rent out sun beds, umbrellas, and water sports. For warmer temperatures, longer days and copious amounts of sunshine, July to September are best but be sure to pack your sun scream because they often reach the mid-40s. The most rainfall and cloudy skies happen from January to February. Anyone who likes to get active on excursions or to see historical places should visit from March to June, or October to December for cooler temperatures.

3: Major Claims to Fame

Lycian Way: Mugla encompasses part of the Lycian Way, a 500-kilometre trekking path stemming from the Antalya region. Its theme is historical ruins, so it detours to take in ruins of ancient cities and features like Lycian tombs. To complete it in one go, campsites and hostels along the way provide overnight accommodation, but most people complete it in parts.

Turkish Riviera: Also known as the Turquoise coast, Mugla forms a large part of the Turkish riviera, that stretches around from the Aegean to Antalya. Gulet cruising is a popular theme here, especially, the 3-night Fethiye to Antalya route. With breath-taking sights, people either book a shared cabin or private yacht charter to sail themed blue cruise routes. Also stopping by bays, coves and coastal and the marina or harbour of certain towns, the relaxation theme really must be experienced to be believed.

Caretta Turtle: The endangered Caretta turtles lay eggs along beaches of the western coast. If sailing, they might even come up to the boat for bread or chicken pieces which they love. Their nesting season runs from May to September when you may see some sections of beaches cornered to protect their eggs.

Blue Lagoon: Sitting in Oludeniz, the Blue Lagoon is one of Turkey’s most photographed beaches, often appearing in picture postcards or travel publications promoting the Fethiye area. While there, stay overnight and taking the boat taxi to Butterfly Valley, another breath-taking place of natural beauty. Find out more.

Stunning Sunsets: From most seaside resorts, a favourite thing to do for Turks, and tourists, is to relax while watching the dazzling yellow sun descend behind the horizon. Sunsets in this region are nothing short of spectacular. When looking at travel magazines for Calis beach resort, most descriptions mention its promenade restaurants as a great place to unwind and witness the sunset.

Scuba Diving: From sightseeing on land to underwater Mediterranean-sea delights, scuba diving is big business here, and you do not have to be an expert either. Schools with qualified divers offer beginner lessons or even the full PADI course to take it up permanently. Do a try-dive in a swimming pool first, or start at the beach, and in next to no time, discover underwater flora and fauna.


4: Popular Day-Trips, and Places to Visit

Many things await tourists including a traditional Turkish-bath (Hamam) or shave, a daily boat trip, jeep safari or lively nightlife scene in some places with many bars and restaurants to choose from. However, when it comes to one-off must-visit destinations, Mugla has plenty of excursions.

Dalaman Mud Baths: Sail up the Dalyan delta and past the overlooking Lycian rock tombs belonging to Kaunos ruins to reach the mud baths of which ticket sellers say makes you look ten years younger. A total fabrication but the sulphur mud and spring shower after do have healing qualities for skin ailments and ease for diseases like arthritis.

Pamukkale and Hierapolis: During summer, local travel agencies in all resorts sell excursion tickets to see the white calcium pools of Pamukkale and the surrounding Hierapolis city ruins. Belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage list, there isn’t a stunning place of natural beauty like this anywhere else in the world. (About Pamukkale and Hierapolis.)

Rhodes Daily Ferry: From Datca, Marmaris or Fethiye, catch a daily ferry across to the Greek Island of Rhodes to experience two cultures in one. The island, one of Greece’s’ most popular tourist destinations, has much to offer whether you want to hire a moped, and explore the roads, go shopping, or indulge in traditional Greek cuisine.


5: Where to Stay in the Province

Choosing a place to stay throws up plenty of choices. Some sites like Datca keep an exclusive, upmarket feel, while the Bozburun peninsula is mainly a favourite for Turks. Stunning landscape scenery surrounds Dalyan, a rustic town with laidback style. But otherwise, three prominent places dominate the tourism scene.

Bodrum Peninsula: Sitting on Turkey’s Aegean coast, the Bodrum peninsula has been a long-time tourism leader. Even back into the 1970s, prosperous business executives, celebrities and artisans seeking inspiration flocked there. At one point, the town centre was the must stay destination, but over the years, surrounding coastal resorts built esteemed reputations. Brits love Gumbet, a water sports hub while Turkbuku is expensive for most of us, and often frequented by billionaire yacht owners. The shining star is Yalikavak, whose state-of-the-art marina makes it a favourite for those sailing the western coast. (Bodrum area guide and resort information.)

Fethiye Region: This area breaks down into the city centre and smaller hubs like Calis Beach, Oludeniz, Hisaronu, and Ovacik. Paragliding, the most popular excursion sees novices take to the air for a tandem ride with a qualified pilot. British people love this region and some purchased homes in the area. For nightlife, expect low-key centre, but do visit the Paspatur bars in the old town centre for a touch of nostalgia. Getting between all resorts is easy thanks to local minibus services so if you like exploring, choose Fethiye. (More about Fethiye.)

Marmaris: This huge city makes a roaring trade with youngsters because of the lively bar street and its top style nightclubs. However, low-key neighbouring Icmeler, which centres around sit-down restaurants and family bars, is a good alternative. Both resorts have stunning beachfronts, making them a firm favourite with beach package holidaymakers, and a wide selection of shops, bars and restaurants means you can spend cash as quickly.

Icmeler beach

6: Best Beaches in Turkey

If you love sun, sea, and sand, get ready because Mugla throws out some of Turkey’s best beaches. Some are secluded, but most sit in prime centres, so getting there is easy. Just rent a sun bed and umbrella and lie back. Restaurants and bar backing the beach serve drinks and snacks and should you get a bit restless, head to the water sports centre of a jet ski adrenaline ride. We already mentioned Oludeniz, and Butterfly Valley above but our article about the best beaches in Mugla includes more suggestions.

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