Welcome to Mediterranean Turkey AKA the Beautiful Turquoise Coast

Mediterranean Turkey, also known as the turquoise coast, perfectly portrays the best of the country through sandy beaches, historical ruins, modern towns and traditional villages. As a result, everyone who visits from cosmopolitan Antalya to western Marmaris develops lifelong addictions to Turkey. From large shopping malls to local craft shops, and traditional cuisine, Mediterranean Turkey offers everything you can desire, proven by millions of international visitors annually.

This sun, sea and sand destination is golden for Turkey's tourism industry. The touristy towns frequently feature typical holidaymakers' activities like beaches, picturesque landscapes, swimming pools and active nightlife scenes. But look closely, and you will discover that the Mediterranean coast of Turkey has much more to boast about. Fronting the Mediterranean Sea and backed by the Taurus mountains, major touristy towns are also the gateway to unspoiled natural landmarks and a way of living that attracts many foreigners to either buy holiday homes or live here all year round.

About the Mediterranean coast of Turkey

Major Airports to Fly Into: Open all year round, Antalya airport hosts many domestic and international flights serving roughly 25 million passengers annually. This airport mainly caters for coastal towns at the eastern tip of Mediterranean Turkey. Those headed to Alanya might also use Gazipasa airport, although the flight schedules are not as extensive. For other resorts, Dalaman steps up to the podium as an award-winning air travel hub. Dalaman is not as large as Antalya, yet it professionally services many coastal resorts.

Major Destinations of the Turquoise Coast: Mediterranean Turkey has more than 1600 kilometres of coastline; getting to know each area in depth would take years. If time is limited, some people complete separate mini-tours. All destinations sit just off the main D400 highway; hence they hire a car and stay overnight in prominent resorts of the entire southern coast. They include…


Antalya Region

Whether you want stunning beaches, breathtaking views, fascinating historical sites, or fun outdoor activities, Antalya keeps everyone coming back for more. Antalya welcomes millions of visitors every year as Turkey's top beach destination, and Antalya often ranks in the top ten destinations for foreign house buyers. This vibrant Mediterranean paradise of southern Turkey offers a rich history and endless activities. The miles of blue-turquoise shoreline are home to some of Turkey's best beaches. The region also has the advantage of warmer climates than the Aegean or Northern Turkey. Get to know the Antalya region of the Mediterranean coast through the following resorts


Fethiye Region

Imagine somewhere with the best of Turkish culture, cuisine, stunning natural beauty, gorgeous beaches, and peaceful nightlife scenes. Whether you want to immerse in local traditions or escape the rat race, Fethiye also attracts many beach lovers and foreigners wishing to buy property there. In fact, many foreign holiday homeowners and expat communities are scattered across the region. Like Antalya, the area encompasses various towns and villages, of which the prominent ones are…


Rustic Dalyan

Dalyan is an unforgettable Turkish town filled with breathtaking beauty, fascinating culture, and friendly locals. Iztuzu Beach is perfect for sunbathing and swimming in tranquil turquoise waters and taking a riverboat trip to sail past the domineering ancient Lycian rock tombs. And finally, the plethora of restaurants, bars, and cafes promise gastronomic experiences. Dalyan is to be experienced, not simply visited.


The Pleasant Town of Kalkan

Kalkan is the cream of luxury living. With crystal-clear Mediterranean Sea waters, a spectacular long coastline, preserved traditional architecture, and delicious cuisine, Kalkan is unparalleled for those who seek luxury getaways. Whether you're looking for relaxing beach days, romantic meals, or exploring the town's fascinating history, Kalkan promises to be nothing short of magic.

The Unspoiled Resort Town of Kas

Another small fishing village that has maintained the charm and laid-back lifestyle but still embraced modern times. From scenic hikes to the old town's cobblestone streets, Kas offers excellent scuba diving. Rich history fills the streets, and visitors to Kas leave with a newfound appreciation for Turkish culture. With bustling and diverse environments, everyone remembers Kas long after they have gone.

Patara Ruins, Beach and Small Village

This small rustic resort embraced mainstream tourism in the 1970s. Today, Patara stays off the mainstream tourism scene yet attracts curious travellers with the ancient ruined city and the long 9-mile beach, the longest in Turkey. Patara's ancient ruins, untouched beach, and breath-taking landscapes are perfect for disconnecting from modern hustle and bustle. Patara awaits exploration. The history and beauty are unmatched, attracting people to this unique destination for centuries with stunning views and inviting atmospheres.

The Major City of Marmaris

Some accuse Marmaris of selling out to tacky tourism. Still, the city adapted to crowds of tourists who like their home comforts. Near the main centre, resorts like Turunc, Bozburun and Selimeye still have traditional Turkish fishing village vibes. However, Marmaris caters to all tastes, from relaxed beach lovers to adrenaline-seeking adventure seekers. The city also offers various activities, exhilarating nightlife, adrenaline-filled water sports, and quieter pursuits like shopping, dining, and sightseeing. With unique and unrivalled beauty, Marmaris is perfect for exploring and enjoying the wonders of Turkey.

Famous Landmarks and Historical Attractions

The choices will pleasantly delight anyone who wants to explore the region. Naturally, adventure sports activities and traditional pastimes like Turkish baths are abundant. Still, the natural and historical landmarks are the favourite choice for daytime excursions. Anything you want to do is possible on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

From exploring Roman ruins, fishing villages and traditional fish restaurants, a blue voyage cruise, or exploring the pine-covered Taurus mountains, the fun doesn't end there. From resort towns to famous spots of the Turkish riviera, significant cities, and ancient relics, the Turkish Mediterranean coast has an activity every day of the week.

Underwater Ruins of Kekova and Simena Castle

Every day during summer, boats set sail from Kas or Kalkan to sail over the sunken ruins of Kekova, an ancient city ruined by earthquakes. Nearby is the traditional village of Simena, from which the castle has impressive panoramic views of Kekova. Kekova's peaceful atmosphere also offers stories of intrigue from history. While there, stop by the rustic restaurants and taste the homemade ice cream that Simena is famous for. Both destinations are also popular on blue cruise routes of the Mediterranean basin.

Xanthos and Letoon Ancient City Ruins

Listed on the UNESCO World heritage site list, the invasion of Xanthos, the ancient Lycian capital, marked the beginning of the end of the Lycian empire. Nearby are the ancient ruins of Letoon, an old sanctuary with three ancient temples. Xanthos and Letoon construct narratives of Lycian civilisation and history. Through multiple translations of ancient inscriptions, we understand how important these two sites were to the Lycian people and how they were considered sacred.

Historical ruins in Turkey

Kayakoy Ghost Town

Just a short bus drive from Fethiye centre, Kayakoy ghost town used to host Greeks and Turks who lived side by side. The village is also highly praised for the local restaurants serving lamb tandir. The ghost village of Kayakoy in southwest Turkey is unique, offering glimpses into when two deeply religious cultures fused together. Despite the abandoned status, Kayakoy is still remarkable, offering sobering reminders of history gone wrong. Seeing Kayakoy changes how you look at world events.

Lycian Rock Tombs and Mud Baths

All across the coastline are rock tombs left behind by the Lycian empire. They used them to lay their dead to rest, but the most famous are seen at the ruins of Kaunos in Dalyan. Nearby are sulphur mud baths and springs and Iztuzu Beach, the protected area for the endangered loggerhead turtles. The Lycian rock tombs of Turkey offer an insight into a fascinating long-lost civilisation and add value to Turkey's cultural legacy. These monuments are valuable in their architectural beauty and historical understanding. Through their awe-inspiring visuals and captivating stories, these tombs captivate visitors.

Majestic Mount Tahtali

Reached from any resort in Antalya, Mount Tahtali hosts cable car rides to the summit and fantastic coastline views. Daredevils also paraglide down on tandem rides with experienced instructors. From soaring summits to lush valley greenery, Tahtali offers hiking trails, peaceful mountain escapes and outdoor adventures. As we have seen, Mount Tahtali perfectly demonstrates Turkey's wonders of nature and beauty. With the perfect blend of outdoor activities and breathtaking views, visitors enjoy unforgettable experiences.

Sailing Along the Mediterranean Coast

Think of secluded coves, blue voyage routes, local cuisine, Greek islands, and boat trips to understand this part of the Turkish riviera, the turquoise coast. From the longest sandy beaches, seaside towns and nearby attractions, the blue cruise Turkish coast stretches from Marmaris to Alanya. However, other parts stretch up to the Aegean coast. As a result, many people sign up for overnight or longer cruises known as blue voyage routes. Sailing from port to port, they enjoy the Mediterranean south in a unique travel fashion. Turkey's Mediterranean coast also attracts mega yachts worldwide, often spotted in Mediterranean towns accommodating luxury travellers. (More about sailing in Turkey.)

Summary of the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey

Mediterranean Turkey is the country's top beach destination popular with expats, including British, American and German Turks. Turks from large cities like Istanbul and Ankara are also now purchasing property in the area for use as summer homes. Widely spoken English and laidback lifestyles ensure the popularity of Mediterranean Turkey for expat living and holiday homes for years to come. Welcome to one of the best areas in Turkey!



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