Antalya Airport sees highest rise of passengers in all of Europe

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Welcoming over 25 million passengers last year, Antalya Airport reported the highest increase in all European airports. Ilgaz Arnaz, the Operations and Security director at Fraport TAV Antalya Airport confirmed that: “According to the Antalya Airport Number of Passengers Developments Council International (ACI) Traffic report, Antalya saw the highest increase in the number of passengers with a 21.1% rise in 2018. Group One is the name that is used when referring to the category of airports that serve more than 25 million passengers.”

Antalya Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association

Ilgaz Arnaz made his points in the 4th meeting of the ANSIAD (Antalya Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association.) The meeting was attended by the Chairman Akan Akinci, the airports general managers Deniz Varol and Bilgihan Yilmkaz as well as others, with the topic of discussion being the passenger traffic at Antalya Airport in Turkey.

During the meeting Arnaz spoke about all of the European airports that were listed and what passenger traffic they had experienced during the past 12 months. Antalya came in 14th with 31.7 million however, Arnaz was quick to add, “Around 85% of this traffic was recorded in just 6 months, had we had 12 months of traffic we could have ranked 1st.”

Passenger numbers in Antalya

Turkish Airlines is expecting passenger numbers to increase due to the new additional routes which will include, Stuttgart, Kuwait, Amman, Algiers, Vnukovo, St Petersburg, Arlanda, Tel Aviv, London Gatwick, Jeddah and Eran in 2019.

The expected passenger numbers to arrive at Antalya Airport in accordance with pre-bookings this year are between 17 – 18.1 million. Already this year there have been 3.87 million tourists, which equates to an increase of 18% year-on-year over 2018. With the support program that was launched last year, the aim to spread tourism over 12 months is the most important to all of the Antalya stakeholders. There were approximately 711,000 passengers received during the winters of 2016 – 2018 inclusive. The main aim now is to bring passengers from different areas of the world to Antalya.

Arnaz confirmed that India is seen as a priority market and that they have met with 130 agencies in six different cities in India. Already the number of passengers has risen in the winter months to 1.1 million.

Antalya’s air traffic

In 1999, the air traffic in Antalya was 4.9 million and by 2018 this has increased to 31.6 million giving an average yearly growth of 10.4%. Arnaz explained that: “While there was a high season in 2014 – 2015, we can see the negative impact of the jet – downing crisis with Russia created in 2016, however, there was also serious recovery in 2017. In the past 20 years, the most critical passenger decline was experienced in 2016.” Passengers from Russia led the development of passenger numbers, followed closely by people from Germany.


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