Why Overseas Property Buyers Like Antalya in Turkey

Buying a property abroad is an exciting experience that opens up a different lifestyle. With many countries to choose from, Turkey is a favourite choice, mainly because of low prices in a relatively, new property market. There is much potential especially for long-term investors, and plenty of locations to choose from, ensures potential buyers have an extensive portfolio at hand. One of those idyllic destinations is Antalya city centre on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Numerous reasons explain why it has captured the attention of foreign Turkish property buyers.

6 Reasons Why Overseas Property Buyers like Antalya

1: It is a Massive Tourist Hub

Official statistics report Antalya is the second most visited holiday destination in Turkey. This isn’t bad for a region that was once a splattering of small, fishing villages along the coastline. However, Antalya embraced mass stream tourism during the 70s and 80s and their hard work paid off. So far in 2016, an average of 5 million foreign nationalities have visited Antalya, arriving either by sea or air. This is an estimated 25% share of arrivals into Turkey. While a lot of them are new visitors to the country, Antalya also does a marvellous job of attracting repeat visitors who have seen for themselves the gorgeous landscapes, laid back lifestyle; healthy cuisine and perfect all year round weather.

So, what does this mean for property buyers? The buy-to-let potential is one of the top performing areas in the country. As well as advertising locally, many free websites help owners to market their property internationally, therefore increasing customer base and projected income. Buyers who are not in the country permanently can employ designated companies in Antalya who specialise in promotion, rental, and house management. You can also use our concierge service of which there are more details here.

Beach in Antalya

2: The Transport Network is Modern and Efficient

Part of the reason for the massive influx of visitors to Antalya is an impressive, extremely effective transport network. As well as encouraging tourism, this is beneficial for people living in the area as well as businesses. In 2015, the recently renovated and modernised airport handled roughly 20 million international passengers arriving from many different countries across the world. The international flight schedule, although scaled down in winter still operates and including its domestic terminal, it is the fifth busiest airport in Europe.

Antalya also has the distinct advantage of the D400, a 200-kilometre state highway running from the east of the country to the west. This road allows easy access to all destinations along the route. Bus networks are frequent and cheap to use while drivers, can enjoy a safe drive direct to their chosen location because of Turkey’s recent investment to improve infrastructure including its highways.

D400 road Antalya

3: State of the Art Architecture

Antalya is also a business hub as well as touristic, so leading experts in many fields base their offices in the area. Since the Antalya property boom of the last 10 years, this includes architects who studied abroad, as well as universities and are eager to bring a new dimension to the Turkish real estate market that before 2000 was stagnant, outdated and in danger of collapsing. These architects are not only coming up with unique designs but also focusing on community issues such as green properties and affordable prices for families.

This contemporary luxury villa for sale in Antalya is a perfect example of smooth-lined architecture that will still be in demand in years to come. Including landscaped gardens, the design focused on a spacious feel with large frontal windows and spacey rooms. Intricate ceiling décor in the kitchen, study, and living room adds the final touches while relaxation is on the cards with an in-house cinema system.

Antalya centre

4: Property Prices are Still Cheap

In the last 15 years, since Turkey changed the law about foreigners buying property, low prices of apartments, villas, and houses have captured the attention of buyers worldwide. Compared to the other main cities, such as Rome, Milan, Istanbul, or Paris, prices in Antalya are still incredibly low.

Starting at roughly £45,000 for a resale property, this is quite a good advertisement for a location where all facilities such as shopping, nightlife, beaches and eating out on literally on your doorstep. These two and three bedroom apartments in Antalya with double glazing, laminate flooring, and central heating reflect exactly what buyers get for their money. Ideal either as a holiday home, rental property or for long term living, the nearby famous Konyaalti Beach is another bonus.

Sea view property Antalya

5: English is Widely Spoken

Such is Antalya’s connection with the outside world, English is the second language of the region and widely spoken everywhere. Locals have an incentive to learn it because it increases their prospects in the tourism business, and some of them have even perfected English accents down to a tee. Therefore getting about is easily done without any prior knowledge of the Turkish language.

However, does this apply to the property buying procedure? Naturally, a majority of the paperwork is in Turkish but in some cases, English translated documents, such as the contract are also available. In the event where an English equivalent is not allowed, both the buyers and sellers go to the notary office, where an official, registered translator repeats all procedures, terms and conditions in English before documents are signed by both parties. Therefore, foreign property buyers are in the driving seat when it comes to their investment.

Antalya old town

6: The Laid-Back Lifestyle is Hard to Resist

As well as being a tourism and business hub, Antalya has one of the largest groups of expats in the country. Much of the lure, along with low prices and a good transport network, is the laid back and simple lifestyle. Enjoying a climate with roughly 300 days of sunshine a year, and a mild winter, they tap into the summer sun, al fresco dining, sailing, swimming, and sunbathing opportunities for the rest of the year.

Thanks to Turkey’s age-old insistence of local weekly markets, organic fruit, and vegetables are cheap and promote a healthier diet, along with the abundance of fresh fish caught by Antalya’s anglers. Although many expats try to learn Turkish, it is feasibly possible to live in Antalya all year round without knowing the language. With a simplistic lifestyle and all other factors combined, it is certainly easy to see why Antalya attracts the attention of foreign holidaymakers, property buyers, and expats.

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