What are the best Food Delivery apps in Turkey?

We all love hearty and delicious Turkish food, and thanks to the range of food delivery apps in Turkey, we can eat what we like when we like. At the touch of a button, we can send a chef into the kitchen, to mix up a range of ingredients. They then hand it to the delivery driver who a short time later, knocks on our door, and bingo, we have our favourite dish without dirtying a range of pots or switching the oven on. The other bonus is to eat our way around the world, whether this is Italian pizza on Monday, Chinese on Wednesday, or traditional Turkish at the weekend.

In this article, we give a lowdown on the best food delivery apps to use while in Turkey, but a word of warning first. Most of them provide more variety and choice when you are in the big cities like Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, or well-known destinations like Bodrum, and Antalya on the Mediterranean coast. One of our writers lives in the small Aegean resort of Didim. She says, she still relies on trusted telephone numbers from Trip Advisor or Google reviews to order from restaurants that don’t belong to big chains like McDonald's, Burger King or Dominos Pizza.

Best Food Delivery Apps in Turkey

1: Yemeksepeti: Most Widely Used

With over 10 million downloads on Google Play, this is without a doubt, the most widely used app in Turkey, and it is unlikely to be overtaken. Operating across the country, expats living in Istanbul particularly rave about it. The app also can change settings into the English language. From there, you allow it to use your GPS location or search for a specific area. A list of restaurants will appear, if they have any special promotions, will display the word Indirim next to them. Each restaurant listing will show three scores which are speed, service, and taste. These are based on user ratings and marks are out of ten. They also display the minimum spend, the average time for delivery, and comments. To use Yemeksepeti, you either need to open an account with email or use your Facebook profile, but the smooth, streamlined ordering process gets ten out of ten in our books.

Yemeksepeti Turkey

2: Zomato Food Delivery and Dining App

While Zomato does a good job, it sticks to large cities only, which could easily explain its rankings behind Yemeksepeti. For example, we asked our writer in Didim to download and give us her opinion of the app. It only showed restaurants in Bodrum, which are a 90-minute drive from her. Here in Istanbul, we found the app showed an excellent selection, all of which were nearby. Zomato differs from Yemeksepeti, because it allows you to search for restaurants that will deliver and dining and nightlife choices. They also have a gold membership which gets you a discount on selected food or free drinks.

Zomato Turkey

3: Domino’s Pizza in Turkey

We also use this app because if we order via telephone, straight from the main menu, we pay more. Plus, we are hardcore pizza fans, and judging from the number of downloads, it would seem that most of Turkey are. Using the app, you can either pre-order and pick it up from the branch or get it delivered to your address. The app is straight forward to use, but one aspect that we love is you can pay cash at the door instead of using credit cards online. This is an excellent option for technophobes wary about buying online. Once you have placed your order, the app shows you the process from preparing, to in the oven, to on its way and finally when it will arrive. Overall, for Dominos Food delivery app in Turkey, we give it ten out of ten.

Domino's Pizza Turkey

4: GetirYemek

This app is only useful if you live in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Kocaeli or Bursa, which is a shame for the rest of the country because it provides an excellent service. Getir in Turkish means get, and the concept is that everything that you could want to be delivered can all be done from one app, including food whether this is grocery shopping or readymade meals. Their slogan is “Just say Getir, and we will get it there, and with over 1 million downloads, and 126 high rating user reviews, this app has been welcomed with open arms by Turkish society.

GetirYemek Turkey

Is Uber Eats working in Turkey?

Note: Uber Eats is not currently operating in Turkey at the time of publishing in April 2020. If you are searching for food delivery apps in Turkey, Glovo may appear as a suggestion. However, in February 2020, the company announced that it would eventually phase out its Turkish operations to focus on more profitable markets. Unable to take on the big giant that dominates the market Yemeksepeti, it is a shame because the Spanish App was handy to use.

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