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53 Restaurants Spotlighted in Michelin’s First Guide of Istanbul

This month, for the first time ever the Michelin company, home of the famed Michelin Stars, selected 53 Istanbul restaurants to makeup its Istanbul City Guide. This is a huge event for Istanbul and Turkey on the whole. Michelin recognises gastronomical achievement on a global scale and is recognised as the preeminent institution for fine dining. 

Among the larger recognition, of the 53 total restaurants included, there were some select restaurants that earned even more prestigious honours from Michelin. TURK Fatih Tutak headlined these awards by earning Turkey’s first Michelin 2-Star designation. Four other restaurants received 1-Star designations. Neolokal was one of those four. This group also took home the lone Michelin Green Star for pioneering approach to sustainable gastronomy. 10 other restaurants received Bib Gourmands in recognition of fine dining achievement at reasonable prices.

TURK Fatih Tutak

Chef Fatih Tutak has led a phenomenal international culinary career leading up to this historical moment. Tutak’s career blossomed in East Asia as Fatih worked in world class restaurants from Singapore, Hong Kong, all the way up to Tokyo. In 2019, Chef Tutak returned to Turkey and in 2020, TURK Fatih Tutak was named to the “20 of the World’s Best New Restaurants” list from CNN Travel.

TURK is a restaurant for the culinary exploration and celebration of traditional Turkish flavours. Located in Sisli, on the European Side of the Bosphorus, Chef Tutak is in the perfect location to collect and introduce foreigners to Turkish high cuisine. Each dish tells a story so rich in history and substance that it is impossible not to fall in love with Chef Tutak, Istanbul, and Turkish Culture on the whole.

The Best Views From the 53 Michelin Selected Restaurants

There are hundreds of different ways to navigate this most prestigious list of restaurants. They are, after all, the best Istanbul has to offer the world in gastronomical tradition. So in this way, we should all strive to make our way to each establishment and really enjoy what each individual experience has to offer. However, we at Property Turkey, tend to believe that location is particularly important criterion to consider when deciding where to spend a meal in this unbelievable city. We want, and we want you, to have the most unforgettable experience possible. 

So now that our world class chefs, and the fine people at Michelin, have taken great care to make sure your sense of taste is well attended to, let us now pair those astounding meals with spellbinding vistas for your sense of sight. Here are the ten best views of the 53 Michelin spotlighted restaurants:

Spago: Istanbul

10. Spago by Wolfgang Puck | Nisantasi - Sisli

The world famous chef is not only great because of his high level word cuisine, but also his high level real estate prowess. Spago: Istanbul is no exception. Located in the heart of the European Side’s business/tourism centre, Spago is a perfect respite from the busy centre while drinking in some lovely Bosphorus views.

Azur Yenikoy

9. Azur | Yenikoy

Located right on the shore of the Bosphorus, Azur is so intimate and quiet you’ll be tempted to walk out and catch your dinner yourself. Rest assured though the delicious seafood will be provided along with a quiet corner in the heart of Istanbul. Azur is perfect for a quiet sunset over wine with your significant other.


8. Atolye | Ritz-Carlton: Sisli

Atolye offers guests a fresh taste of Turkish cuisine by way of their on site vegetable garden. That satisfying spread combined with the reliability and impeccable global reputation of the Ritz-Carlton sets the foundation for an exquisite atmosphere. And it wouldn’t be Ritz-Carlton without some top tier real estate. Atolye is nestled on the Bosphorus facing facade of the building and stretches panoramically in order to showcase the fabulous, mystical Istanbul skyline.


7. Topaz | Taksim

Topaz's kitchen, dominated by contemporary Mediterranean cuisine, provides the bustling tourist centre of Taksim an oasis retreat. The beautiful aspect of Topaz’s views are it’s multi-faceted, layered angles. Depending on whether you’re enjoying cocktails in the lounge or dinner service in the main hall you’ll be soaking in any number of combinations of greens and blues. A real natural landscape in a place some would least expect.

29 Besiktas

6. 29 | Besiktas

When you go a bit deeper into the Bosphorus’ channel from Taksim you will find a modern paradox of Turkish cuisine. Very true to tradition while very adventurous in the most wonderful ways. Instead of offering a view of Istanbul from the outside-in, 29 will provide you the inside-out perspective of a local.


5. Eleos | Beyoglu

Eleos will take you back in time to a nostalgic mystical dream. From the depths of Beyoglu, Eleos opens it’s curtains to a view of Istanbul that can’t be obtained from tour boats and hotel windows. One that feels so treasured that it must be discovered. It is a secret to be held close and dear.

Park Fora

4. Park Fora | Ortakoy

Park Fora truly will keep all five of your senses stimulated for hours. From your front row seat to the Bosphorus you will never be bored wistfully ushering all shapes and sizes of marine vessel in and out of your sight. The smell of sea breeze mixes with the world class cuisine on your table and the floral park adjacent to your table. The sound of waves crashing and trees whistling truly puts your body and mind at ease. Just try not to nap at the table.


3. Octo | JW Marriott: Beyoglu

As quaint and charming many of these views may be, there is something different about a fine dining experience literally exquisitely framed by the entirety of Istanbul’s Bosphorus delta. Octo is the pinnacle of fine dining experience in this one of a kind metropolis. It’s the panorama, it’s the amenities, it’s the location, it’s the seat of luxury for any traveler coming to Istanbul for the very first time. 


2. Feriye | Besiktas

For many, the idea of the “best view” involves being suspended above the fray and set back adjacent to what it is to behold. For others the best view is right up close to the action. And for those people, Feriye provides the city’s best views. Set in the shadow of the Bosphorus Bridge, next door to the iconic Grand Mecidiye Mosque, Feriye is part of the post card. Like being set into Central Park, what does it mean for the view to be so good? It means it won’t be a meal you’ll soon forget. And, oh yeah, the food is some of the finest on the planet as well.


1. Mikla | Beyoglu

With all that said about being in the action of the postcard, it really is nice to be suspended above the fray, yet at Mikla you don’t have to be thrown out of the city centre in order to enjoy the full glory of the best view of Istanbul. Located on the roof top floor of the fashionable “The Marmara Pera” hotel, Mikla is urban, sleek and stylish, and their food is ready to compete for your attention. And it will command it many, many times over. But with 360 degree views from the heart of the European side, the shear beauty to try and internalise is astounding. We won’t blame you for double dipping at Mikla on your quest to experience each of Istanbul’s 53 masters.


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