The best towns in Bodrum Peninsula

Collectively, the best towns in Bodrum make up an Aegean Sea peninsula that excels with pride for tourism and real estate. To truly understand the Bodrum peninsula, know it isn't some wannabe, copycat destination. Bodrum invented leisure and pleasure in Turkey, with tourism industries that stretch back nearly 70 years.

With sandy beaches fronting the Aegean Sea and those beautiful views to die for, Bodrum has long been ideal for retirees, not only Turks but also foreigners. Over those 70 years, the once tiny fishing villages that made up the peninsula have become desirable places in Turkey to holiday, live and buy property. But don't underestimate Bodrum and think it has reached its peak of fame. The peninsula keeps delivering in more ways than one.


Best Towns in Bodrum - Turkey

Stylish Yalikavak in Bodrum

This seaside town had a renaissance roughly 20 years ago. Since then, it has been in intense competition with Bodrum town for the peninsula crown. To understand the luxury status, this is where people like Bill Gates, Roman Abramovich and Saudi Royalty choose to holiday. The crowning jewel and reason for fame is the mega yacht marina in the town centre. Everyone from property investors to seasoned sailors’ rests upon this once humble town on the Bodrum Peninsula's western side.

As well as being the place to be seen, property markets also excel in ultramodern homes that display cutting-edge architecture combined with home trends. Sailors use Yalikavak as a base to explore nearby Greek islands and the stunning Gulf of Gokova. Others are reluctant to leave. No longer a holiday destination, Yalikavak now operates a year-round centre, and the Bodrum beachfront homes are sought-after villas and penthouse apartments. (More about Yalikavak in Bodrum.)

Yalikavak Marina

Luxury in Turkbuku Town

Have you ever wondered where beautiful people go on holiday? Call off the search – we've found them, and they're lounging carelessly on Turkbuku's beach platforms. This glitzy Bodrum resort is known as Turkey's St Tropez, and it's crammed with Turkey's It-girls, small-screen celebs, movie stars, heiresses, models and wannabes. In Turkbuku, cocktails flow like water, and bronzed limbs glisten in the sun. Turkbuku's beach clubs each have platforms to sun yourself beside the sea and take occasional dips (taking care not to smudge your eyeliner, obviously). On a more practical note (forget beautiful people just for a second here), Turkbuku is a prime Bodrum property spot. Prices are high, but so is rental potential, with Turkbuku's properties in extremely high demand.

The Heart of Bodrum City Centre

Once the seat of the ancient city of Halicarnassus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, Bodrum city now promotes stylish shops, hip cafes, excellent restaurants and properties that put Turkey on the global map for architectural brilliance. This bustling town centred around a marina, the narrow streets of the old quarter, and the striking 15th-century Bodrum Castle is the largest town and an absolute must for anyone travelling to the peninsula.

Within Bodrum Castle, the archaeology museum draws visitors from all over the peninsula. The scattered ruins of ancient civilisations that imbue the town combine old and traditional with new and modern. Bodrum's inhabitants are a world away from fashion shows of nearby Turkbuku. An understated sophistication prevails, and Bodrum property reflects style and class. Recent years have seen increased land and property purchased in Bodrum city, especially from overseas buyers. (About Bodrum city centre.)

Bodrum Old Town


Eternal Blue of Gumusluk Village

For those who find Bodrum city centre crowded, rustic, charming streets in Gumusluk appeal immediately. Promenade cafes and restaurants earn fame for their nighttime dining during summer, which sees residents from all over the peninsula arriving to taste fresh seafood and fish. Despite the fame, Gumusluk is in no rush to join the 21st century. This small village of family hotels that also hosts cultural events seems stuck in time, a world away from the hustle and bustle of major cities like Istanbul. The small but lovely centre beach looks out onto Rabbit Island, once the settlement of the ancient Greek city of Myndos. For property in seaside villages of Turkey, Gumusluk should be first on your list of places. (Discover Gumusluk in Bodrum.)

Gumusluk Bodrum

Bitez Seaside Town

Bitez seaside town still maintains village-like ambiences, which were well-kept secrets among Turks for many years. Think promenade cafes, lovely beaches, boutique hotels and fantastic views, leading more people to discover what the Turks like about Bitez village. Sitting just 9 kilometres from Bodrum, expect a clean centre beach and many surrounding gorgeous beaches. Bitez could be one of the prettiest villages on the Aegean, partly due to modern tourism and real estate, but also interest in preserving age-old hedonistic lifestyles that Bodrum town centre is known for.

The Well-Kept Secret of Gokcebel

Technically, this isn't a town centre but two parts surrounding Yalikavak District centre. Old Gokcebel, spilling over the hillside and surrounded by pine forests, promotes traditional stone cottages, with a courtyard garden overflowing with flowers and rooftop terraces that give front-row seats to that amazing sunset Bodrum is known for. With charming streets, houses are highly sought after, but there is a lack of available land for building. Hence, a new Gokcebel has also sprung up, with new modern villas. A 30-minute drive from Bodrum city centre, Gokcebel offers the best of both worlds. You have the seaside location with crystal-clear waters. Still, it is just a short distance from the amenities of Yalikavak. This coastal destination definitely has potential.

Reasons to Buy a Home in Bodrum

So, as you can see, the above towns have potential, but the entire peninsula is a property hotspot. Anyone looking at Bodrum for property investment from seaside towns to small villages to the bustling Bodrum centre can look forward to the following benefits.

Beauty and Aegean Climate: Bodrum is renowned for picturesque landscapes, including beautiful beaches, seaside towns, crystal-clear waters, and lush green hills. The region's natural beauty is a significant draw for property buyers seeking tranquil and scenic environments. Don’t forget about the Aegean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters. All this, makes the region attractive for those looking for year-round places or vacation homes with pleasant weather.

Things to Do: Bodrum features attractions like Bodrum Castle, the ruins of Halicarnassus, and several museums. The coastline, covered with marinas and harbours, also offers excellent opportunities for boating, sailing, and water sports enthusiasts. Bodrum is an ideal place to own property if you're passionate about the sea.

Investment: Bodrum has seen significant growth in local real estate markets over the years. Property values have appreciated, making it a potentially lucrative investment opportunity. Cosmopolitan Bodrum also attracts mixed Turkish and international residents. This diversity contributes to vibrant communities and various amenities and services.

Lifestyle and Entertainment: Bodrum offers vibrant nightlife scenes, excellent dining options, and several entertainment choices. Whether you seek a relaxing lifestyle or an active social life, Bodrum caters to all preferences. In the daytime, Bodrum offers the typical Aegean lifestyle, excellent healthcare facilities, international schools, and welcoming local communities.

Proximity to Airports: Bodrum International Airport (Milas-Bodrum Airport) makes getting to the peninsula easy from many European cities. This convenience appeals to vacation homes that are easy to reach with cheap flights. In addition, the peninsula bus station runs frequent bus routes to the rest of Turkey.

Residential Developments and Income: The area has seen the development of modern residential complexes and luxury villas, often equipped with amenities like pools, gyms, and security. These properties cater to various budgets and lifestyles. Some property buyers rent out their homes when they are not using them. The tourist demand for vacation rentals can provide rental income.

Yalikavak property

How to Buy Property in Bodrum

Research and Budgeting: Research property prices and different neighbourhoods in our portfolio of apartments and villas. Also, decide on your budget. If you plan to take out a mortgage in Turkey, explore local banks' requirements and rates.

Hire Us: We have a substantial presence in the Bodrum area, and our local staff know all districts. Additionally, we will help you find suitable properties, negotiate deals, and navigate the buying process. We can identify properties that match your criteria, such as location, size, amenities, and price range, and then take you to view properties in person to get a better feel for them and their surroundings.

Due Diligence: Hire a lawyer to conduct due diligence on the chosen property. This includes checking its legal status, title deed (tapu), and outstanding debts or encumbrances. The property will also be appraised to verify the market value and ensure you pay a fair price.

Sales Process: Once both parties agree on the terms, the buyer and the seller draft and sign a sales contract. This contract outlines agreed-upon terms and conditions of the sale. We will also help you obtain a tax number and open a Turkish bank account.

Title Deed (Tapu Transfer): We will obtain the title deeds after signing the sales contract and fulfilling any payment obligations. Be prepared to pay various fees and taxes associated with the property purchase, including property transfer tax, stamp duty, and notary fees. Once the title deed is transferred, you officially become the owner, and we will help transfer the utilities.

Bodrum villa

Also, About Bodrum in Turkey

Mugla Province of TurkeyThe Bodrum peninsula belongs to the Mugla province of Turkey, which is the country's top destination for tourism and real estate sales. Covering the southwest coast, the Mugla province is nothing short of spectacular. Offering historical ruins, gorgeous beaches, rural villages, suburban towns and bustling cities, this article looks at the region and its reasons for fame.

Architecture in Bodrum: Home buyers instantly notice the architectural difference when looking at houses for sale. Bodrum is just one big playground for architecture who want to make their name from eco-friendly, sustainable tourism, to luxury homes and traditional cottages.

Best Beaches in BodrumIf a beachside lifestyle is your dream, the towns in Bodrum deliver abundance. From the main beaches to the hidden coves, bays and islands, every summer, they come alive with people enjoying the delights of the Bodrum peninsula in Turkey.

Traditional Bodrum


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