The Changing Landscape of Architecture in Bodrum

Glance at any picture postcard of the famous tourist region of Bodrum, and you will see the nostalgic white houses, with blue doors and windows, and flowing pink bougainvillaea tumbling down the walls.

It is certainly an appealing look portraying the vibes of a region renowned throughout Turkey for its bohemian vibes and creative inspiration. It is not for show either, but instead practicality, because whitewashing the houses keeps insects away, and the blue is both refreshing as well as a resemblance of the Turkish amulet eye used to ward off evil.

Emphasising the strong exterior and construction of the houses to withstand anything, the mayor has promised that Bodrum will never deviate from its traditional roots and appearances. Yet, head away from the main town centre, into the lesser known districts, and you will also find modern properties featuring the latest in architectural trends.

Often featured in home and architecture magazines, they do not steal the limelight away from the traditional blue and white houses. They just offer an alternative choice for property buyers who want modern clean, cut living with the latest in gadgets and technology.

Indeed, the landscape is changing all the time, with construction companies building luxury properties and this is not a surprise because, for the last 70 years, Bodrum has attracted artisans as well as the wealthy and influential people of the world.

Even now, during summer, many a paparazzi is spotted grabbing the latest snapshot of celebrities or wealthy executives who favour Bodrum as their idyllic holiday destination. The Bodrum real estate market aims to keep up!

Bodrum houses

International Architecture in Yalikavak

One of the most famous modern architectural masterpieces in Bodrum is that of Richard Meier. Born in 1934, he is a prominent America architect renowned for his white, abstract buildings.

He believes architecture should inspire as well as feed the body and mind, and it is this passion that has led him to receive the highest honours and awards in his chosen profession. His project in Yalikavak, Bodrum stood true to his vision.

Twenty-one houses all uniquely designed gives each property an individual sense with a cubic appearance. He also made keen efforts to incorporate the dramatic land and sea views wherever possible.

The core feature of the living space, a fireplace and chimney soften the spaciousness portrayed by the double-height living rooms. The layout is also compact and organised with the communal areas such as kitchen, and dining room on the ground floor, bedrooms on the first and the laundry and media rooms in the basement.

Stone and hardwood flooring used in the interior kick up the luxury touch while the exterior is easy on the eye with a simple plaster finish and vast areas of glazing, making use of natural light as well as maximising the fantastic views.

Richard Meier Bodrum

Luxury Architecture in Yaliciftlik

Meanwhile, it is not just international architects that contribute towards the changing face of the Bodrum peninsula. Two Turkish designers received high praise for their project in the Yaliciftlik region of Bodrum that incorporates luxury living at its best.

Especially emphasising a home that maximised the delights of summer, they also wanted to make it comfortable and practical during winter when the days have turned cold and the nights are longer. Collectively, they have designed these five-star, ultimate luxury residences to offer the best of the best in Aegean, Turkish living.

Ranging in size from 350 square metres upwards, key features to go with the luxurious architecture, include a private swimming pool, helipad, and fully equipped gym. To top off the experience of exclusive and elite living, you can even employ your own concierge, housekeeper and qualified, trained chef.

Luxury property Bodrum

A Mansion Residence in Ortakent

Meanwhile, the small district of Ortakent is the most unlikely place to find inspirational architecture, yet this beachfront property, completed in 2012 matches the perfect vision of a luxury mansion.

Its design was forward thinking for its time and combined with ideal summer days as well as modern cons; it perfectly suits any millionaire looking for a home where they can combine leisurely playtime and busy work days in peace.

Luxury marble flooring is one of the key features, but it is the tall ceilings that first grab the eye when entering the living room that also gives way to one of the best sea views around. The Italian style kitchen and dining area also have a sea view.

The office space gives peace but one of the most luring areas, especially on summer days is the enormous garden of which many traditional Turkish properties in towns, do not have. The landscape includes figs, palms and pine but to keep the kids entertained, let them loose on the small aqua park and water slides.

Other facilities boosting the lifestyle where everything is on your doorstep is the two-car garage, dock for your private boat or yacht, large outside terraces for dining and of course no luxury property would be complete without a swimming pool.

Ortakent villa

The Future of Architecture in Bodrum

Indeed, as architecture around the world is always evolving and contemporary trends are born every day, Bodrum has a portfolio of some of the best work from Turkish and international architects. However, do not assume this means an end to tradition and the vibes of the bygone days. Bodrum is still and always will be, the land of blue and white.

Yalikavak villa


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