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Hisaronu, belonging to the Fethiye region on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is a small destination that has garnered more attention over the last 10 years. Although the neighbouring resorts of Oludeniz and Fethiye city centre receive more publicised attention, Hisaronu has conjured up a loyal fanbase of return holidaymakers and expats who have bought property in the area. So for anyone looking to make a Turkish property investment, is Hisaronu a good place to choose?

Well, everyone has different requirements when deciding to buy property in Turkey. While the location is important for some, amenities are more of a deciding factor for others. The good news is that Hisaronu real estate has quite a few attributes that will appeal to many foreign property buyers. Let’s look at what they are.

Hisaronu Fethiye

It Has an Established Tourism Market

Tourism in Hisaronu became popular because the resort specifically caters for foreigners. Restaurants serve a variety of international meals, while hotels and self-catering apartments have swimming pools. A lively night-time scene perfectly ends a day sunbathing or relaxing on the nearby beach of Oludeniz, just 20 minutes away by bus.

This location is world famous for its Blue Lagoon, but other attributes such as the water taxi across to Butterfly Valley, or paragliding schools for adrenaline junkies also appeal. Excursion shops sell daily tours such as jeep safaris, village trips, lazy day boat cruises or further afield to the UNESCO sites of Pamukkale. So why is this relevant for property buyers?

Firstly, since tourism is the primary income earner in the region, most locals know English as a second language. Often speaking it fluently, their jobs in shops, restaurants, bars and hotels have brought them into close contact with foreigners and the culture, although Turkish under the surface has adapted with the times. This is ideal for anyone looking to buy property in the area since it de-intensifies the need to learn Turkish. Although we firmly recommend trying to learn a few words, many English people living in Turkey only know the basics but still achieve a good standard of living and are able to get about daily life easily.

Secondly, the already established tourism market is perfect for buyers aiming to rent out their property to recoup running costs or generate another income. As well as using word of mouth advertising to friends, family, and neighbours, property owners advertise locally in newspapers, Facebook groups, and online booking sites to an already established market. A well-maintained and clean property quickly generates repeat bookings or alternatively, renting out the Fethiye property long term is another option.

Hisaronu apartment

Everything is within Close Distance

Hisaronu has an excellent transport network with surrounding areas, therefore, opening up the facilities and amenities offered. Just 30 minutes away by bus is the bustling city of Fethiye with its modern, established hospital, a wide variety of clothing, and home shops, and professional services such as lawyers, doctors, and translators. Fethiye also has a major bus station that links it with the rest of the country, making travelling around Turkey incredibly easy.

Part of the major appeal as well is the short 1-hour drive to Dalaman airport, which is a significant benefit to tourism. The airport recently renovated and updated facilities to the tune of millions of pounds, enabling them to deal with tourists in an efficient and quick manner.

Fethiye centre

Modern Property with the Latest Architectural Styles

Investment into Hisaronu was initial to alleviate the tourism spillover from Oludeniz that they could not accommodate because of a lack of hotel beds and building space. As more and more people flocked to Hisaronu, builders used architects familiar with the latest, modern building trends. Before the turn of the century, the real estate market in Turkey was not a big business since mortgages were not available. Therefore, houses and apartments tended to be old style with small rooms and shower wet rooms. Swimming pools were not a favourite feature and only confined to affluent, wealthy areas.

However, when the building boom happened, architects with the latest training adapted to suit the times and space became a major selling point along with western living trends such as baths. American style kitchens are a focal point in many properties as is concepts such as built-in wardrobes and en-suite bathrooms. If you are considering buying an off-plan property, an extensive range of bespoke features is also available. Swimming pools for both apartment complexes and private villas also become a favourite feature, enhancing the appeal of the property as a holiday apartment or long-term residence at affordable prices.

Hisaronu villa

The Mediterranean Lifestyle

Along with 300 days of sunshine, possibly one of the luring factors of why people buy in property in Hisaronu is that it easily caters for tourists, especially the British, but also offers a Mediterranean lifestyle. The climate and rich fertile soil means this stretch of coastline is crucial for the agriculture scene of Turkey, and local markets selling fresh organic fruit and veg are an essential weekly event.

Combined with the Turks love of olive oil, nuts, and herbs, dishes are free from additives, preservatives and adhere to a Mediterranean diet that experts claim is the healthiest in the world. Due to its location near the sea, fish is also a popular dish especially in the summer when dining al fresco style is trendy and considered a must-do.

Lastly, the centre of Fethiye, a major player, and hub of the Turkish Riviera attracts mega yachts both domestic and international. It also maintains its traditions in the Turkish gulet boat industry and backpackers lap up the 4-day cabin charters from Fethiye to Antalya. Fethiye’s esteemed reputation on the yachting and sailing scene benefits nearby Hisaronu’s status as an ideal Mediterranean resort.

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Hisaronu Fethiye


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