Best Places for Golfing, Yoga, and Surfing in Turkey

The more you find out about Turkey, the most it will impress you. With a booming tourism industry and an ever growing foreign population, fun pastimes that take advantage of the country’s pleasant weather and incredible natural treasures are increasing every year. Culture buffs can find a seemingly endless amount of historical areas to visit, stock full of millennia old town regions, architecture, and sights to keep you busy for as long as you can stay. Age-old traditions are also still kept alive throughout the country, with cafes offering Turkish coffee and tea along with delightful baklava and lokum peppering every town and shops selling traditional wares still quite popular.

For those seeking a more natural escape, the Turkish Riviera on the Mediterranean and the coastline along the Black Sea will not disappoint. The country is also covered in mountains of various sizes, offering exciting hiking and mountaineering opportunities. In particular, Turkey’s offerings for those interested in golf, yoga, and surfing have grown tremendously in recent years. If you are looking for a vacation spot nearby for these sports, where should you be heading on your next trip to Turkey?

Golfer’s Paradise

Turkey is an expansive country, covering more than 300,000 square miles of land, offering plenty of space for green golf courses and the perfect weather to allow golfers months of good playing weather. Belek has become an extremely popular destination for golfing, offering several different options for golfers of all levels. Five-star golfing resorts like Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort and Spa and Sueno Hotels Golf Belek offer state of the art golf courses along with incredible resort services such as a golf home in the region, while several other less costly options also dot the landscape in this heavily visited area. Antalya is becoming the home of more and more golf courses every year as well. Famous designers like Peter Thomson and Perry Dye have chosen Turkey and specifically these regions to construct some of the world’s most incredible golf courses which have hosted several national and international competitions.

Golf in Turkey

Yoga Sanctuary

Yoga has also been catching on in Turkey in the last couple decades. Several yoga retreat areas are already nestled in the hillsides and along the coast of the country, offering yoga followers of many different schools and of any level various options. Huzur Vadisi, the oldest yoga retreat in Turkey, can be found in the Dalaman Mountains outside of Gocek. Here, guests are housed in peaceful yurts and can study yoga at any levels with masters from around the world. Also outside of Gocek, the Juicemaster Retreat is a more unique yoga option that pairs hatha yoga teachings with juice cleanses and detox. In Golkoy, outside of the seaside town of Bodrum, the well-known retreat called Yoga Centre has been teaching visitors the ancient art of yoga for over a decade, providing independent housing in seaside huts to guests. Property Turkey can help you find the right sort of yoga retreat to meet your tastes and needs.

Yoga in Turkey

Surfer’s Haven

With so much coastline, it is no wonder that surfing is also becoming more and more popular in Turkey. Although its waters may not offer waves meriting an international surfing competition, its waters can provide easygoing surfers with plenty of options. Both the southern and northern coasts offer swells that typically last between seven to twelve seconds long, perfect for beginning to medium-level surfers. On the northern coast along the Black Sea, waves are often a bit larger than along the Mediterranean, reaching up to three metres in height. Several surfing schools have popped up along the coast, giving visitors of any level the opportunity to improve their abilities and rent equipment if necessary.

Surfing in Turkey

You can pursue whatever your sport is your passion in Turkey, including newly popular sports lie golfing, yoga, and surfing. Property Turkey can ensure that whatever real estate you are visiting is near the areas of your favourite sport. Contact us today to find out what individualised options we can offer you.


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