7 Excellent Reasons to Buy Property in Bursa

Anyone looking to buy Turkish property in Bursa is investing in one of Turkey’s hotspots. Ranking in the top five destinations of foreign house sales in Turkey, to get an idea of its popularity, in the first seven months of 2019, foreigners bought 1217 houses there. As each year goes by, and with increased interest in Turkey’s affordable prices and citizenship by investment scheme, this figure looks set to grow.

The name Bursa refers to the central city and the larger province that also includes famous Uludag, a top skiing centre with much potential on the international ski scene. Sitting within the north-western Marmara region, locals from Istanbul have used it as a weekend getaway for many decades, but over the last ten years, its presence on the international travel scene has also grown.

One primary reason for its fame is that before Constantinople, it was the capital ruling centre of the Ottoman empire, and traces of their existence are found all over the region through the architecture, culture, trade, and food. But what are the other reasons,  foreign house buyers are taking a keen interest in the housing market and real estate investment?

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Excellent Reasons to Buy Property in Bursa

1: Green Spaces

As towns and villages grow, occasionally, bad urban planning leads it to become a concrete jungle. Many other places in Turkey have suffered this criticism, but not Bursa. Its nickname is green Bursa, because of the large number of parks, gardens, and cultural centres. Aside from this, get out of the city centre into the neighbouring countryside and right on your doorstep is the Uludag national park, Suutcu national park, and many off the beaten track villages that enjoy green landscapes. When you buy an apartment or villa in Bursa, do not think urban landscapes. Instead, look forward to enjoying the great outdoors.


2: Year-round Tourism

For buyers who want a holiday home or buy-to-let income, Bursa’s year-round tourism scene provides the perfect setting. Other places, like the beachside resorts of the Aegean and Mediterranean, run their tourism season from May to October. Outside of these months, facilities and amenities wind down. However, Bursa keeps going. The jewel in its crown during the winter months is Uludag, that is striving to improve their skiing infrastructure, but it is also open in Spring, and Autumn, hence paves the way for outdoor activities.


3: City and Coastline

Bear in mind, the name Bursa is also of the larger province, this then throws up hundreds of destinations in which to buy property. The main city centre is the hub of it all, and districts like Nilufer are leading the way, but many buyers opt for Mudanya. The slower pace of this coastline destination has many property listings on the market, including luxury villas. Sitting a short drive from the city centre, it is well connected through transport links and within the town is a decent selection of bars, restaurants, and shops.


4: Affordable prices

Despite Bursa’s proximity to what is Turkey’s most significant, biggest, and most prominent city, buyers will be surprised by the affordable prices per square metre. Another considerable factor benefiting them is the favourable exchange rate between other world currencies and the Turkish lira. Accommodating both luxury and budget buyers, apartments start at a price from $45,000, which is good value for a high-profile area like Bursa. Heading to the upper end of the market, the luxury villas range in price from $300,000 to six digits. Compare these villas to places like Bodrum over on the Aegean coast, to see you are getting more for your money.

5: New Developments and Architecture

At the turn of the century, when Turkey first relaxed laws and allowed foreigners to buy, Bursa was a latecomer to the real estate development scene. However, one reason for its boost in popularity over the last five years, is that it has kicked into action, and set about reinventing its real estate market from old housing to new modern developments with the latest in-home technology, décor, and design. Off-plan, homes are proving popular, since buyers can alter the aesthetics, but new build and resale homes are also on the market. What does this mean? Well, an extensive portfolio with many homes available for viewing so you do not have to compromise on your real estate investment.

6: Infrastructure Development

It would be easy to think, given the success of Bursa in recent years, that the local council can sit back and watch foreign investment come into the town. But they are not prepared to rest on their laurels. With a growing population comes the responsibility to upgrade and maintain infrastructure and Bursa council is committed. One look at their website will show their latest projects regarding transport, schooling, healthcare, housing, tourism, and social amenities like shops, restaurants, and communal spaces.  Bursa’s professionalism, and commitment to the future stands it in good stead.

7: Blend of Old and New

It would be easy to think with new developments, it is a case of out with the old and in with the new but this is not the case with Bursa. It is keen to preserve its esteemed reputation as the former ruling capital for the Ottoman sultans, and many of its landmark buildings and the village of Cumalikizik belong to the Turkey UNESCO World Heritage Site list. One reason for preserving the nostalgic days is the tourism trade, but it is also about their cultural heritage that sees much similarities with Middle Eastern buyers, hence its popularity.

If you want to buy property in Bursa, browse our portfolio of apartments and villas on the market. Each listing includes everything to know, including price, location, and home features. Just use the contact form to find out more via email or arrange a viewing time and date. Also chat to a real estate agent now, by using our chat messaging feature.

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