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Updated: 12 November 2013 Created: 12 November 2013
Kalamar Beach ClubSituated of the stunning south west coast of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is Kalkan nestled at the bottom of the Taurus Mountains in a secluded bay.

Kalkan is the home to a total of seven beach clubs including Kalamar Beach Club. Most of them are reached by water taxi from the harbour, a perfect way to make the most of the sea. These beach clubs are set in the bottom of the mountains and have perfectly paved platforms which hold terraces and garden areas and the clubs themselves offer a full day’s activities including swimming, sunbathing, water sports and restaurants. There is something for all of the family and it is a particularly nice way to enjoy the Mediterranean whether you choose to swim, or simply sit and take in the atmosphere from one of the many vantage points. There is plenty for everybody to enjoy.

The Kalamar Beach Club is accessible by land so you just need to take a taxi and the club will pay the fare for you when you arrive, and when you come to leave at the end of the day the club provides a mini bus free of charge that will return you to your accommodation. 

The refreshments are reasonably priced and the Kalamar Beach Club is particularly popular with families who have younger children and also the groups of young adults.

The Kalkan Dive Centre and its joint company, Aquasports operate from the Kalamar Beach Club and they have a vast offering of activities including, scuba diving, jet skis, private boat hire even trampolining, this is all chargeable at source. 

One of the highlights if you are a diver is the diving trip where you can get up close and personal with stingrays and starfish, which can be found all around the island. Visibility in the stunning clear waters stretches to at least 30 metres making this a most amazing experience.

Kalamar Beach ClubThere is an entrance fee of about 14TL per person but including in this price is free use of the showers, sun beds, kayaks, canoes and pedalo’s so this does equate to good value for money. 

The reviews for the Kalamar Beach Club are always positive although the place is starting to look a little worn, and if you are visiting with young children you are advised to ensure that they have floats as the water can get rather deep and the club only have a few available. Whilst the facilities are excellent, another piece of advice that comes through is to watch exactly what you are charged for as the staff have a habit of overcharging in the hope that you will not realise. It is advisable to arrive early to ensure that you get sun beds and an area where you can sit together as it does get very busy and there does not seem to be a number on how many people they allow, so it can get a little cramped.

All in all though, where you are looking for an all action packed day or a day to relax and do nothing – the Kalamar Beach Club despite the minor negatives will certainly tick all the right boxes.

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