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Updated: 21 November 2013 Created: 21 November 2013
Mouse Island TurkeyFor real beauty unseen in any other way do not miss the chance to get up close to Snake and Mouse Islands.

Located just off the shore from Kalkan, these two small islands in the bay appear to float on the sea as if by magic!

Do not be alarmed however by their names, Snake and Mouse Islands as the images that they conjure up are none too pleasant, but they are named solely because of their shapes and not because they are inhabited by any nasty species.

Kalkan is a peaceful resort and fishing town that is situated on the stunning coast in Turkey and is one of the few resorts that have not been affected by redevelopment and tourism. Although the main economy for the town is the tourists, and the citizens go out of their way to provide a warm welcome and ensure that you enjoy your stay or visit and you genuinely know that they are grateful for you being there.

Cobbled streets meander through the town to the small harbour where visiting yachts are anchored and the gullets line up to make the trip to the Snake and Mouse islands. 

The best way to see the islands is by taking one of the many boat trips which are an experience not to be missed. Set sail for a full day around the clear blue waters of Kalkan bay during which you will visit both Snake and Mouse Island. There are plenty of swimming stops along the way in and around the peaceful Kalkan bays. Snorkeling is also available on some of the trips. Traditional gullet style boats are used, so there is a limit to the number of people that they can carry and therefore booking in advance is advised so that you are not disappointed. 

When sailing up to Snake Island keep a close eye out for the goats clinging to the rock face. Watch as they pick their way around the cliff face, how they stay put is a real mystery! The owner of the goats has to make a journey twice a day over to the island to bring them food and water.

Beyond Snake and Mouse Island is the Egyptian city of Al Iskandriya (Alexandria). This is about 360 miles south of Kalkan.

Mouse Island TurkeyIf you are not good on the water but really want to see Snake and Mouse Island there is another way. Admittedly, you will only be able to admire them from a distance and to appreciate the true beauty of these islands you do need to get as close as you can; but not everyone has sea legs and the next best way would be to view them from one of the many rooftop terrace restaurant or bars that surround Kalkan bay.

On a clear night you will be faced with a spectacle of views that reach over the town, with the stars and then these two magical floating islands.

Don’t just take our word for it, book the trip! It will cost around £10 per person and this includes a traditional lunch onboard the gullet boat and a full day on the water. The trips normally leave around 10am and return by 5pm. Just don’t forget your sun cream and camera!

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