The cheapest airline ticket in 2021 was to Turkey

Turkish Airlines

A lucky tourist got a $4 flight to Turkey last year - and set a record for 2021's cheapest flight.

In a welcome rebound for the tourist industry, air travel increased steadily throughout 2021 - as travel restrictions were relaxed and life slowly started to return to normal. This was a welcome change not only for Turkish Airlines, but for the many people relying on tourism in Turkey who were affected by Covid restrictions.

From the pricey...

According to research carried out by a travel site, the most costly international flight ticket to or from Turkey in 2021 was a return flight from Istanbul to New York and cost $2422. the rock-bottom bargain

However, that the lowest priced tickets were an incredible $4.40, a one-way trip from Antalya to Munich. Travellers from the Ukraine were also lucky, with Kyiv to Istanbul flights priced at $32.

February, March and May were the cheapest months to travel, and prices went up at the beginning of July through to the end of August when demand is typically higher. They were again higher than average in December.

The busiest periods

According to the report, domesticated flights took place mostly in June last year. The most popular route was İzmir to Istanbul, followed closely by Istanbul to Antalya and Adana to Istanbul.

A 57% increase

Turkey’s airports welcomed more than 128 million passengers to Turkey last year, representing a 57% jump over the previous year. This reflects the country’s strong economic performance and its attractiveness as a travel destination.

Despite a tough couple of years for the economy, the country remains committed to further expanding and upgrading its aviation infrastructure.

What do the extra visitors mean for Turkish property?

Tourism is growing at a rapid pace in Turkey, adding greater demand for property in Istanbul, as well as on the Mediterranean coast.

The trend is not new: Every year since 2014, tourism has grown in Turkey. But the scale of the increase so far this year has been the largest ever, and it points to continued positive momentum in the Turkish property market and economy.


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