Germans now the most visitors to Antalya

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Head of the Antalya City Council Tourism Working Group, Recep Yavuz, has revealed that more than one million German tourists have visited the Turkish resort city of Antalya so far in 2022.

German tourists now number one visitors to Antalya

Yavuz said in his personal blog: “In the first six months of this year, 955,000 German tourists visited Antalya. As of the first week of July, the number of German tourists exceeded one million.” This news means that for the first time in five years, German tourists are now the most visitors to Antalya, overtaking Russian tourists.

Yavuz also stated that Turkey expects more than three million German tourists to visit Antalya this year, saying: “Neither the increasing pandemic cases in recent days, nor the rising prices due to the Russia-Ukraine war can prevent Germans from travelling. Tourism activity from Germany, which started in April, continued to increase with the summer vacation of some states at the end of June.”

Families prefer holidaying in Turkey

Yavuz said that data has shown that families and those travelling with children prefer to holiday in Turkey over destinations such as Spain and France, saying: “Families with children prefer Turkey, while young people prefer Spain. Besides Antalya, the Aegean and Istanbul are the region’s most sought after by the Germans.”

He also noted that Antalya plays a crucial role in the choice of where Germans vacation due to its wide range of different hotels, all-inclusive offerings, and things for families to do.

Three million German tourists by the end of the year

Turkey expects 1.5 million German tourists to arrive in the country during the months of August, September, October, and November alone. The rest of the year will see this number reach a total of three million and six million for the year in total.

Yavuz said that families with children tend to prefer travelling during the July – August period while older and retired travellers tend to visit from September to November. He finished by saying: “Antalya tourism will see three million Germans in 2022 for the first time after 2015 when it hosted 2.9 million.”


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