When is the best time to visit Antalya in Turkey?

Knowing when is the best time to visit Antalya in Turkey depends on your leisure and pleasure preferences. The main determining factor is weather and temperatures, but here is one thing to know about Antalya. Overall, Turkey's several different geographical zones vary in temperature and climate, but the eastern Mediterranean to which Antalya belongs is the hottest. Think of high summer temperatures that reach 45 degrees and cool winters for morning skiing and afternoon swimming in the Mediterranean.

This makes Antalya, Turkey's most popular year-round tourism destination, bringing in Turkish and international tourists from near and far. In addition, the weather also makes Antalya an expat hotspot, with many people who originally bought holiday homes moving out here to live permanently. So, lets' look at how to pick the best time to visit. (For your info, this article talks about the main city centre and the larger region of the same name.)

Antalya in Turkey

The Best Time to Visit Antalya in Turkey

1: Beach and Pool Lovers

Beaches open all year round in Antalya, although the official beach tourism season runs from May to October. This is when local councils clean the beaches every morning and lay out the sunbeds and umbrellas to rent. In addition, some hotels empty their pools in winter and refill them back in May. The exception is prominent, all-inclusive hotels that run all year round, some of which have indoor pools. However, whether we are sunbathing on the beach or sipping ice-cold beers around the pool, we want maximum sunshine, in which case visit from June to September. Additionally, Antalya has Turkey's best beaches; you can read more about these sandy stretches here.

Konyaalti beach

2: Visiting Historical Sites

To visit historical sites in Antalya, the worst time is when the sun is beating down. Touring around crowded ancient ruins while dripping in sweat is not our idea of fun. Therefore, when we want to visit historical sites, we go between April and May or October to December. Additionally, in some years, January to March is pleasant in Antalya. Altogether, the Antalya region covers many ancient sites, most of which belonged to the Lycian empire. Find out there which are the best historical sites to visit.

3: Visit During Christmas and New Year

Many people and expats living in different areas of Turkey love to visit the Antalya region over Christmas and New Year to enjoy the delightful day and night temperatures. They mostly go to large, all-inclusive hotels like those backing Lara beach. These themed hotels earn fame all over Turkey for their hospitality excellence. Additionally, at New Year, most put on full entertainment schedules, including orchestras, musicians, singers, and fireworks, for when the clock strikes the beginning of a New Year. Read how to celebrate Christmas and New year in Turkey.

4: Boat Trips and Sailing in Antalya

If sailing is your passion, then like the beach season, the sailing season runs from May to October. However, many people book trips from July to September simply because being at sea elevates the warm temperatures, thanks to the breeze. There are two choices for sailing. The first is day trips. These leave daily from most harbours, and the ticket price includes lunch, swim breaks, sunbeds, and scenic views as you sail along the coastline. Otherwise, book an overnight trip on what is known as a blue gulet cruise. Set sailing routes, of which a popular one is the 3-night, 4-day trip to Fethiye visit numerous other towns, villages, and historical ruins along the way. Read more about sailing in Antalya.


5: Antalya For Sports Lovers

Sports in Antalya run all year round. Of course, December to March is probably too cold to do things like canyoning, which often involves wading in waist-depth water. Additionally, the white-water rafting companies in Koprulu canyon often only run from May to October, during the primary tourism season. On the other hand, paragliding in the small, rustic town of Kas happens all year round, depending on wind speeds and rainfall. The most popular sporting destination is Belek, Turkey's golfing capital. The state-of-the-art courses and their adjourning clubhouses and schools attract golfers from around the world, and these days easily match Portugal and Spain for the best game of your life. The courses are open all year round, as are the adjoining all-inclusive hotels nearby—more about adventure sports in Antalya.

6: Skiing in Antalya

So, given that Antalya's main profile is Turkey's top beach destination, few people associate the area with skiing, but Antalya ski resort is set inland and worth visiting. Saklikent ski resort sits on the north side of the Taurus mountains. Don't confuse the name with the gorge in the Fethiye district. In winter, the resort receives as much as five metres of snow. Although, further away, skiers also visit the Davroz ski resort. For both, the best time to visit for snow is between December and April, but we would pick February for maximum snowfall. About skiing in Antalya.

More About Antalya in Turkey

Antalya Area Guide: We hope we have given you helpful information about the best time to visit Antalya. As you can see, Antalya's diversity lends much weight to things to see and do, and the best time to visit is around your personal preferences and what you want to do. Our area guide to the region gives further information about hotels, shopping, nightlife and other main attractions and things to do while in Antalya.

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