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Ovacik MapThe foreign real estate market in Turkey is thriving. Many reasons can be credited for this, but one is that Turkey is an incredibly large country. Therefore foreign investors can choose from a vast bank of destinations that fulfil their requirements and most importantly slot perfectly into their budget. One of those areas is Ovacik on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Even though it is a relatively small resort, British buyers give it a lot of attention both for holidays and as a second home, so let’s look at the reasons why Ovacik is a good place to buy property.

It is a Small Established Community

The era when city living was the latest trend has finished. These days, all over the world, people seek the comfort of a close community. They want to know the name of their neighbour and to feel safe within their neighbourhoods, so places like Ovacik appeal because they do just that. With a village like ambiance, it is devoid of the hustle and bustle of large towns and cities. Evening entertainment is also low key focusing more on sit down al fresco dining so the resort does not attract partygoers and night clubbers. This has particularly appealed to middle-aged buyers who want to make Turkey their home in the future.  

It is Within Close Distance to all Amenities

While Ovacik itself is relatively small, the added bonus is facilities and amenities that a person needs for either holidays or for permanent living are all within a short distance. Olu Deniz and its scenic beach and Blue Lagoon are just a ten-minute drive away. Should anyone hamper after a more lively nightlife, Hisaronu, the neighbouring town caters for them with a wide selection of bars, and restaurants. Likewise, Fethiye city centre has a hospital, large post office, English-speaking doctors, dentists, and offices for residency applications. Due to the close distance of all these places, buying a car to get around is not necessary, and Ovacik locals still enjoy the benefit of their quiet residential area.  

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It is Serviced by Dalaman Airport

For many people, short airport transfers are essential when considering where to buy property. While people don’t want to hear low flying aircraft, they generally opt for resorts close to the airport and Ovacik is just an hour’s drive away. With both domestic and international terminals, Dalaman airport that had a major refurbishment some years ago is one of the most widely used in Turkey. It is modern, efficient and has a full flight schedule in summer. During winter, airlines operate a few flights to major international airports, but people can also use Antalya airport.

300 Days of Sunshine a Year

Ultimately, one of the biggest lures for property buyers is the Turkish sun, and Ovacik receives approximately 300 days of sunshine a year. Its location on the Mediterranean coast means winters are milder than other places in Turkey like Istanbul that receives snow in winter or the Aegean coast that often has heavy rain for a few months. Also during the height of summer when temperatures reach as high as 40 degrees, Ovacik’s hillside position gives way to cool breezes that take the edge off the humidity.

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Many Locals Speak English

One of the biggest concerns for expats looking to relocate in Turkey is the language barrier. Many feel they are past the stage of becoming bilingual quickly and easily. However, Ovacik and the Fethiye region, in general, have a long-standing history in tourism. Therefore English is widely spoken by many of the local Turks as their second language. Hire official translators cheaply for needs such as hospital or legal services and Turkish teachers sell lessons to expats who want to learn the language or free translator apps help with practical everyday interactions.

Property Prices are Cheap

The Turkish real estate market is still in its infancy and no-where near peaking. It is only in the last 15 years that mortgages became available, the Turkish government opened up buying to foreigners, and they embarked on a countrywide building program for modern housing. For this reason, property prices, although they have risen considerably during this time, are still low when compared to other countries. With the price of a 2-bedroom apartment starting at roughly £60,000, and villas starting at £90,000 and raising to well over £250,000 for a home of pure luxury, it is easy to see why many have chosen Ovacik as a long-term property investment plan.

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Advice and Help

Ovacik and the surrounding Fethiye areas already have an established expat community so no one feels like a stranger in a foreign country where they don’t know the language. It is easy to form friendships with other expats and local newspapers often publish updates such as residency applications or driving a foreign car in Turkey. Groups offer activities such as walking, darts, or art classes, and it is easy to find people with common interests and hobbies. Advice and help on owning a property and living in Turkey are readily available from many sources.

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