Things to do in Hisaronu

Bustling, vibrant Hisaronu is a popular destination for British holidaymakers, who party in the hillside resort by night and hang out at nearby Oludeniz by day.

Hisaronu is approximately 55 kilometres from the nearest airport, Dalaman. While the resort is four kilometres from the famous sands at Oludeniz Beach and Lagoon, hotels and property complexes have pools, perfect for long summer holidays.

There’s a wealth of things to do in Hisaronu and in the surrounding countryside, which is full of Roman ruins, hidden coves and mountain peaks.

1. Soak up the sun at Oludeniz

The beautiful beach at Oludeniz has been growing in popularity since it was first ‘discovered’ by tour agencies in the late 1980s. Now, the beach with its white stretch of sand and its blue lagoon is much more popular than it was, so it often feels a little crowded.

2. Party on down in Hisaronu town

By day, you can take your time exploring the many restaurants here, which offer varying cuisines. There’s some fine fare to be found at eateries geared towards long, lazy lunches. By night, the town comes alive, with live music and DJs catering to the crowds of eager partygoers staying in the resort. The nightlife is vibrant, with many bars to choose from. You can certainly party in this resort.

A word of advice; resorts can sell customers alcohol, but if you venture off the tourist trail, you may not find even wine to accompany your meal.

3. Stroll around Fethiye’s Old Town

The nearest town to Hisaronu, Fethiye is a favourite for shoppers seeking out souvenirs, and with adventurous foodies, who head to the large open market where they can choose their own seafood to be cooked for a tasty lunch or dinner.

There are markets galore in this hub, offering everything from vegetables to clothing, and there’s plenty to tempt you to open your wallet.

4. Explore the countryside on foot

If you are feeling energetic, and it’s not sweltering, you can take a stroll on the Fethiye Peninsula Trek. You will see the beaches that are close to Fethiye and the coves around the town. It’s best to avoid going on a Sunday, as this is the day when families go out and about. Make sure you take lots of water.

There’s also the Lycian Way, which stretches from Fethiye to Antalya. The 540 kilometre trek takes about a month to walk in its entirety, but you can stop at any time.

The Lycian Way, which follows Roman roads, mule tracks and footpaths, has a rich history attested to by the numerous ruins you pass as you walk along it. 

5. Hop on a boat

Calis Beach is only a few minutes drive from Fethiye. But why drive, when you can go by boat? The popular beach is a favourite with children and a place to see and be seen with its long, beachside promenade. One option is to take the boat over to see the sunset and have a spot of dinner. The setting sun over the islands makes for a great photo opportunity.

There's also the popular 12-island tour, a day trip exploring the islands dotted off the Mediterranean coastline. Spend a day listening to tales about the area, swimming in the sea, and gazing out over the beautiful blue water.

6. Head to a waterpark

For children - and adults too, let’s face it - there’s nothing quite like the excitement of a waterpark on a summer’s day. Water World Aquapark is the largest near Fethiye, and with slides with names like Twister, Screamer, and Red Devil, thrills and fun are pretty much guaranteed. 

The waterpark has plenty of restaurants, cafes and other facilities, which means you’ll be able to stay the whole day.

7. Step back in time in Kayakoy Ghost Village

This former Greek village is now an eerie ghost town, ideal for a morning’s exploring. You can take a dolmus or walk from Hisaronu, and wander around the abandoned church, school and homes dotted around the hillside. Kayakoy was once a Greek town, but when there was an exchange of people in 1923, after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the town was left to decay, as Turks didn’t find it convenient to dwell in. 

If you visit, you’ll understand why. It’s a steep climb to reach the village. However, it’s worth it, as the views are wonderful. The village lives up to its name - Rock Village.

Kayakoy was hit by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in 1957, which was the final blow to any hopes that it might have been resettled.

8. Top up your adrenaline

Babadag Mountain, whose shadow hangs over the hillside, is popular with hangliders and paragliders, who launch themselves from the 2000 metre peak. It’s possibly the best view you’ll have anywhere in Turkey - barring ballooning at Cappadocia, perhaps - and the ideal excursion for any thrillseekers in your party.

9. Take a look at Oludeniz property

Okay, so it’s not by the beach - but it’s as close as it gets. Hisaronu property consists of villas and apartments in family-friendly complexes with excellent facilities. From studio apartments to large villas with private pools, it’s little wonder Hisaronu enjoys such popularity with anyone looking to relocate or buy a Turkish property of their dreams.



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