Overstaying in Turkey: Consequences of an Expired Visa

So, you are having a good time, or got caught up in a drama, and are thinking of overstaying in Turkey. Even for a few days, there are consequences regardless of whether this is a residence or tourist visa. We all get the urge to stay. After all, Turkey offers a lot in terms of culture, food, history, weather, and of course, those beautiful golden beaches in Turkey.

From the southwestern coast of Antalya to bustling cities like Istanbul or mystical destinations like Cappadocia, the vast diversity of places makes everyone want to put down roots, not wanting to leave Turkey. However, before you intentionally overstay your visa, know that this involves a fine and/or deportation and/or a ban from re-entering the country in the future. Let’s look at it more in-depth.

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What happens when overstaying in Turkey

Currently, anyone on an e-tourist visa can only stay for 90 days out of 180 days upon arrival in Turkey. These must be applied for online and printed before arriving by using the official website. (www.evisa.gov.tr/en/) If you want to stay longer than this, you can apply to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Administration for a one year, short term residence permit, which involves proving your address, in this case, a rental contract and proof you can sustain yourself financially in Turkey.

Now, if you stay over the tourist visa, official websites say the port you leave from will decide at their discretion as to how much the fine will be. The penalties will vary depending on your nationality, and the country’s passport you used upon entering and leaving Turkey. We’ve read some people were charged 55 USD for overstaying in Turkey, while others, as much as 200 USD because the fine is also calculated per day that you overstayed. Usually, if you overstay because of illness, and obtain a certificate from the doctor that you were not fit to fly, they will accept this and waive any monetary fine.

Now, here is the thing. If the Turkish police pick you up within a town, city or village while you are overstaying, they will take you to the nearest exit point for deportation and also issue a ban. The ban can also apply to anyone leaving of their own accord who has overstayed their visa by ten days. So, if you want to re-enter Turkey, in the near future, it isn’t worth it. Likewise, if you refuse to pay a fine, a ban can also be imposed.

The authorities give notification when they issue a ban but if at any time in the future, you want to check, get in contact with the Turkish consulate in your home country. Also, remember North Cyprus comes under the jurisdiction of Turkish authorities, so you can’t just fly there and back again. Overall, our advice is the consequences of overstaying in Turkey without the official visa, are not worth it, simply because we know the beauty of the country makes everyone want to come back again and again.


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