Is it Easy to Find a Job in Turkey?

While many of our clients are retired, wannabe expats, younger generations often ask if it is easy to find a job in Turkey. Many foreigners want to work in the country and live here all year round. Before 2000, anyone could get on a plane and work in a bar or restaurant the next day. In the years to follow, Turkey tightened up and started deporting and fining foreigners without a Turkish work permit, and by receiving cash in hand, they were not paying taxes and had no healthcare coverage.

The Turkish government insisted that Turkish workers come first, and rightly so. Therefore, they implemented a series of rules, in which sectors foreigners could be employed and how. The most common one is they can only hire a foreigner for every five Turkish workers. So, the answer is no; it is not easy to work in Turkey as a foreigner, but here are some options.

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How to Find a job in Turkey

Before you start your job search, foreigners cannot work in specific sectors. These are nursing, dentistry, vet, pharmaceutical, private hospital directors, lawyers, notary, customs, tourist guide, security, and specific jobs within the maritime industry. So, let’s look at the best options for foreigners.

1: English Teacher

Many large international schools employ English teachers. A guaranteed cert of finding a job is if you have a TEFL certificate. (Teaching English as a Foreign Language.) Search online for organisations that issue them. Many can do your course online to learn the skills needed to be a foreign language teacher. In addition, A TEFL certificate gets you higher wages. Once you secure a position, that school applies for your Turkish work permit.

2: Holiday Rep in Turkey

International holiday companies often advertise summer positions for hotel and airport transfer reps. While this job is only for summer, some reps transfer to other winter holiday destinations, so employees build a career this way. In addition, to sourcing your work permit, these companies also provide accommodation and healthcare.

3: Hotel Entertainment Jobs

Many of the Aegean and Mediterranean holiday coastal resorts feature large, all-inclusive hotels. Some of these employ foreigners for their entertainment and childcare groups. Because of their vast staff, they easily secure work permits for foreigners and provide accommodation and food. While the job may only be seasonal, it gives experience of the Turkish work culture and what employers expect of employees.

4: Live in Nanny

If you love children and possess relevant child care qualifications, look for jobs with an agency as a live-in babysitter. The number of children and roles you will carry out vary from household to household, but you usually get one day off a week, in which you can explore and get to know the town you live in. This is also an excellent way to brush up on your Turkish language skills.

5: Online Working in Turkey

Vague rules make this profession misunderstood, but the general census is that you need to form a company to work and pay taxes legally. Additionally, you would be your own manager and accountant. Unless you find a remote, work at home position with a company and by law, they must provide employees with contracts, training, and health and safety.

Working in Turkey

Browse Online to Find a Job

The best place to start searching for a job in Turkey is to browse online via job listing boards and recruitment agencies. In addition, sites like LinkedIn have their section where employers advertise positions. Be sure to build a good profile because it acts as your resume and CV. Always remember, though, it is illegal to work without a permit.

Guide to Living in Turkey

We hope we answered whether it is easy to find a job and given additional help on how to. When you secure employment and move here, other day to day topics need careful navigating. Ranging from learning the language to banking to keep in touch with friends and family back home, we discuss them all in this article about living in Turkey. 

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