Hidden paradise: the beautiful Bozburun peninsula, Aegean Turkey

In the villages along the mountainous Bozburun peninsula visitors can catch a tantalising glimpse of Turkish life as it’s been for generations. Whether viewed from on board a yacht from a tour of the peninsula, the unspoiled beauty of this stretch of Mediterranean coastline is breathtaking. Join us for a tour of the peninsula’s hotspots, including the best nature and sailing spots in the Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean.
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If you’re looking for a party town with a thumping nightlife please move along. Bozburun is a sleepy, peaceful village backed by mountains and surrounded by lush greenery: a party here consists of a enjoying plate of freshly caught seafood and a glass of local wine, while listening to the waves lapping against the shore.

Bozburun and its immediate surroundings are a dream come true for lovers of nature and the outdoors. The clear blue sea is ideal for snorkelling, and there are nature trails criss-crossing the hills which take you to the hidden ruins of Knidos, Loryma, and Amos.

While the locals are friendly and welcoming, they’re also proud of their village and have worked hard to avoid the trappings of mass tourism, pushing building restrictions to avoid major developments and ensuring the way of life in this lovely village continues uninterrupted.
Bozburun peninsula Turkey


Fifteen minutes from Bozburun, sleepy Selimiye is well and truly off the beaten track. This quaint village, spread along the shoreline, offers relaxation, fresh seafood, and a base from which to explore the nearby attractions: the flower-covered hills, the enticing seashore, a stone lighthouse, the ruins of Hydas and the remains of three castles.

The locals who have made a home in Selimiye rely on agriculture and fishing to make a living. As well as the seafood, make sure you taste the local produce: figs, almonds and honey.
Selimiye nature view


Orhaniye is home to the Marti Marina - the largest on the peninsula. The marina’s popularity ensures Orhaniye is well and truly on the map. But compared to the nearby holiday hotspot of Marmaris, this laidback town is a haven of tranquillity, surrounded by pines and fronted by the dazzling blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

Orhaniye’s sandy beach, Kizkumu, is a pleasant place for a swim, especially for children as it’s shallow and calm. During the day, explore the local area, visit the weekly market to buy fresh goods, and soak up the sun. When evening rolls around head to one of the seafood restaurants that line the shore.
Orhaniye peninsula


You’ll find Sogut at the far end of the peninsula. It’s widely regarded as the most beautiful and unspoiled village on the peninsula’s northern coast. Its sizeable population is mostly concentrated inland and surrounded by mountains.

Sogut is popular with sailors, who anchor their yachts in the calm waters and use the town as a base from which to explore the rest of the peninsula as well as the Greek islands of Symi, Tilos and Rhodes.

Fancy a walk? Head southwest for a kilometre and you’ll see the remains of the ancient city of Thyssanos. An uphill climb will take you to several viewpoints where you can gaze along the peninsula and the wide sweep of Sogut Bay.
Sogut peninsula Turkey

A sailor’s dream

The Bodrum to Fethiye route is arguably the finest sailing route in Turkey. The picturesque voyage traverses the Bozburun peninsula, taking in ruined fortresses, sandy, private bays and secluded islands.

The first attraction you’ll spot when you set sail from Bodrum to Fethiye is the Gulf of Gokova. Enjoy the views of pine-clad mountains and stop at Sedir Island’s beautiful beach to laze on the sand and look out over the Kiran Mountains. From here, you’ll pass the Bay of Sixty-Six Inlets on the island’s southwest coast. Leaving Sidir Island you’ll enter the Gulf of Hisaronu, stopping at Datca, a lovely resort and once the seat of ancient Knidos, built for Aphrodite.
Marmaris area map

Leaving the gulf you’ll reach the Bozburun Peninsula. Look out for the ruins of Loryma, perched on a hilltop and accessible only by boat. Traverse the peninsula’s pretty coves and bays, and explore the tiny villages in this very pretty part of the Mediterranean.

From Bozburun, make your way along the coastline to Marmaris, a popular holiday spot. Here you can stock up on goods and replenish your vessel at one of the biggest marinas in the country. Back on board, head to Ekincik, and then onto the Dalyan Delta, identifiable by the long, golden, sandy beach at its mouth. There are numerous waterways to explore in this protected area. Keep an eye out for the Caunos rock tombs in the hillside.

Further traversing of the coastline will take you to Sarigerme, and then along the Gulf of Gocek, known for its fragrant pine forests and the upmarket marinas of Gocek. The gulf is full of pretty, secluded islands, and the ruins of Arymaxa can be spotted at the tip. You could spend weeks here exploring this stretch of the coast. From Gocek it’s a short trip over to Fethiye’s harbour and many attractions.

Could you live in paradise?

While the Bozburun Peninsula is beautiful, with an undeniable (and unforgettable) Turkish charm, living in here is not for everyone. The peninsula is isolated, with the nearest big centre (Marmaris) being a good 40 minutes away. You’re far from supermarkets and big hospitals. The airport is a two-hour drive away.

A home in Bozburun means getting back to basics: eating local produce, visiting small, local shops and strolling along the beach or walking in the hills instead of going to the cinema or to a nightclub.

Bozburun’s lifestyle will appeal to a specific kind of person: a lover of nature and the outdoors; someone who likes to discover a country from the ground up, learning about its culture and history and about the people who live and work here.

And if you’re a sailor? Well, there’s no question Bozburun is an extremely alluring spot from which to explore the nearby coastline and islands.
Bozburun property

Buying a property in Bozburun

Unfortunately buying a property in Bozburun is not as simple as other areas. Strict building laws mean the possibility that you’ll be able to build a house in Orhaniye, Bozburun or Selimiye Turkey are remote. There are a number of village houses for sale, but these usually lack an ISKAN, or habitation certificate, meaning that while you’re able to buy the property, it is not a legal dwelling.

However, if you do have your heart set on Bozburun, there are still options. Please get in touch with us to find out more about the peninsula and property for sale in Bozburun, Turkey.


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