Gazipasa Travel Guide: Exploring Lesser Known Turkey

Any useful Gazipasa travel guide should first mention that if you want to visit Turkey’s most popular areas, then Gazipasa isn’t the place to go. A lack of theme parks, bars and restaurants serving international cuisine keeps hordes of tourists away, but that is what makes the region so special. As a lesser-known district of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, it attracts independent travellers looking to get off the beaten track.

Gazipasa deliver in bucket loads by offering a typically Turkish destination, unspoiled by tourism. It is 100% authentic and its claim to fame is as a rural area producing delicious bananas and oranges although, in recent years, its name became more talked about when the small airport opened for business. It is also one destination of Mediterranean Turkey that hosts Caretta turtles nesting their eggs in the sand, hence the preservation status of the coastline.

Sitting next to the bustling Alanya district that is growing in popularity, some people visit on day trips, but a week-long holiday, means getting active and the main sites of natural beauty thanks to the backing Taurus mountain range. Much nightlife focuses on sit down entertainment and compared to places like nearby Antalya city centre is low key. Having said the choice of traditional restaurants serving Turkish food is plentiful. A decent selection of hotels close to main transport links also makes great overnight bases. Otherwise, what else is there to know before visiting?

Gazipasa Alanya

Gazipasa Travel Guide

Getting There: Airport, Road, and Sea

Gazipasa Airport has a small summer flight schedule running from a few countries and other places in Turkey. This scales down in winter. Otherwise, getting there by road is easy because the region sits on the main D400 highway running from the east to west of Turkey and frequent coach services head in that direction. If arriving by sea, there is a small, primary marina, but for those entering Turkish waters for the first time, head to an official entry port of which the nearest is Anamur, in nearby Mersin.

Beaches in Gazipasa

As a 50-kilometre long coastal district, holidaymakers find plenty of places to swim and soak up the Mediterranean rays. Unspoiled Muzdeniz beach and Anitli are both sandy, public beaches offering front row seats to the gorgeous Mediterranean waters but the 2.5-kilometre Selinus is the most popular. Reviews on Four Square also show Bidi Bidi as a famous stretch of sand. Regardless of where you go, sandy beaches with lots of space await you.

Marina med Turkey

Things to Do in Gazipasa

Besides gorgeous beaches, you will find an abundance of historical ruins. The most notable aspect of its historical timeline is as the ancient Selinus city, although in later years, Roman, Byzantine and Seljuk empires ruled, before falling under Ottoman rule in 1472. The result is a scatting of ancient ruins across the landscapes which trekkers enjoy seeking.

Ruins from Selinus ancient city sit on the coastline and include a castle, baths, agora, and aqueduct. Meanwhile Antiocheia Ad Gragum, otherwise known as the south castle sits in Guney village which is 18 kilometres away from the centre. According to Trip Advisor, these are the most famous ancient ruins in the area but if history is your passion, also seek Lamus city, located 15 kilometres inland, and Nephelis on the Mersin highway.

Yalandunya Cave: A Travel Highlight

The name translates into wrong world cave and is an apt description of its out of the world appearance stretching for 250 metres and descending 30 metres down. Archaeologists have discovered ancient remains in this cave, although these days, its claim to fame is for its stunning beauty, stalagmites, and stalactites. Artificial lighting solves the problem of a lack of natural light, although it is still not suitable for elderly or those with walking difficulties.

Yalan dunya cave

Nearby Sapadere Canyon

Sitting 40 metres drive from the centre, Sapadere Canyon, another place of natural beauty is a must-see. Stretching for 360 metres, and formed over thousands of years from wind and water erosion, wooden walkways make it easy to walk around. The highlight is a waterfall, and this has become the selfie central spot, but you will also find a place to swim. Make this a full day out by visiting nearby Turkish restaurants for a spot of lunch and refreshments.

Visit Nearby Alanya

A Gazipasa travel guide should mention that those who want more things to do should visit nearby Alanya, which is a one-hour drive west along the D400 highway. This bustling neighbour hosts more tourists hence the range of attractions is more extensive.

Our article about things to do in Alanya suggests visiting local landmarks like the red tower, and ancient castle, the number one beach in Turkey; Cleopatra and places of natural beauty like Damlatas cave. Gazipasa also sits within the vast Antalya region, which is Turkey’s second most popular holiday destination. Our Antalya area guide features more things to do, reasons Antalya is so famous, where to stay, nightlife and eating out hotspots, and a breakdown into each district.

Gazipasa Alanya


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