Furniture Brands in Turkey

Whether buying a new house in Turkey or revamping the old, one of the most exciting ways to spend our money is buying furniture to get rid of the old and in with the new. From the living room to the bedroom to balconies and terraces, the many furniture brands in Turkey appear in houses across the country.

Some focus on luxurious designs that will lighten the wallet while others are cheap, cheerful and ideal for the budget conscious homemaker. Some have also earned themselves a countrywide reputation for excellence.

6 Popular Furniture Brands in Turkey

1: Alfemo

Alfemo’s mission is to combine universal values and creative power so that their customers can incorporate style into the rooms of their family homes. Placing a strong emphasis on innovation, faith, and respect as core values of their management style, they are now one of the best-known furniture brands in Turkey.

Environmental conscious buyers would do well to check out their sustainable policies while Alfemo say they also cater for kids by using a range of cartoon characters in the design of children’s bedroom furniture.

Producing furniture for all rooms in the house as well as a range of textiles, every year Alfemo sells 182,000 sofas, 200,000 beds, and 150,000 bedroom and dining room suites. Their success has led them to open stores in 60 countries with a combined 105 stores and sales points.

But they aren’t settling for that, and their website says they want to increase their market share throughout the world. Alfemo also promises they have set procedures for customer complaints so that all issues are solved with a quick process.

Alfemo Turkey

2: Bellona

First springing into action in 1997, Bellona has gone on to become one of Turkey’s bestselling furniture brands and from their factories in the Anatolian region of Kayseri, produce 2400 chairs, 2,500 sofas, 6,000 beds and 15,000 textile pieces every day.

Employing 4,000 people through their offices and 745 stores throughout the country, they say their mission is to give customers high-quality products that adhere to global standards, and this, in turn, will make them one of the top five furniture brands in the world. Even if you don’t live in Turkey, you might have already come across Bellona products because they export to 39 countries.

Bellona Turkey

3: Istikbal: Elegance and Comfort

Istikbal is one of the oldest furniture brands in Turkey having opened their doors in 1957, as a small carpenters shop in Kayseri. They say part of their success is their drive for diversity and ability to recognise current trends in home décor and design.

With an emphasis on elegance and comfort, buyers can easily shop for every room of the house in their “Home Concept” stores aimed at convenience, and quick shopping with discounted campaigns.

Running 1,000 furniture stores in Turkey, Istikbal is another Turkish brand looking to go global by opening more than 5,000 sales points in 70 other countries including Russia, France and Greece. They also uniquely broke into the American market through their New Jersey branch.

Istikbal also promises environmentally friendly products, and they have gained their TS EN ISO 14001 environmental management certificate. Accommodating for a variety of diverse lifestyles, they say their furniture encourages you to spend more time in living spaces because of the attention to detail and their functional products also make your life easier with additional solutions.

Istikbal Turkey

4: Mudo Concept: Home and Furniture

The range of Mudo furniture and home textiles is part of the larger Mudo brand that is known for its contemporary design. The brand was born in 1964, in a small, 12-metre shop in Beyoglu, Istanbul. At this point, they only sold gift items and plaques but eventually launched into the clothing sector in 1967.

One evident aspect of the Mudo brand, whether it is clothing, textiles or furniture, is the non-traditional design and hence Mudo has grown a fanbase within the young and working professionals of Turkey.

Launched into the 1990s, their Mudo Concept range consisting of exterior and interior furniture, now has 38,000 diverse products and their shops are spread in 115 locations across Turkey. Their mission is to be among the top three brands found in every house of Turkey.

Mudo Concept Turkey

5: Modalife for the Budget Conscious Homemaker

Starting from a workshop in Ankara in the 1990s, Modalife now works from a 125,000 square metre factory, that ships out to 14 warehouses and 146 stores across the country. Classing itself as one of the biggest and most popular furniture brands of Turkey, Modalife’s primary business goal is to sell quality furniture at factory prices.

Hence they do particularly well with people on a budget as well as newly married couples who need to furnish a whole home. As another Turkish company looking to achieve global dominance, they say their branded bedroom, dining room, living room suites are between 30 to 40% cheaper than average high street prices because they cut out the middleman.

Modalife Turkey

6: Enza Home

Enza Home that belongs to the Yatas Bedding Group sells a range of 2,000 products for the home including furniture and textiles. They say their alternative designs to mainstream trends appeal to different tastes while offering solutions for the utmost in comfort.

They also make a strong point of pointing out the durability of their products that are focused on timeless, and contemporary designs. Prices range from middle of the road to luxury, and while they don’t have a large choice, anyone looking for a different and unique style will most certainly find it at Enza Home.

Enza Homes Turkey

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