Antalya: The New Top Beach Resort Spot

Antalya is the new Spain for many British vacation home buyers in Turkey, offering a similarly mild climate, incredible natural wonders, and prices akin to what Spain offered decades ago. Even more, its not much harder to get from the UK to many hotspots in Turkey, including the up-and-coming beach area of Antalya.

Antalya encompasses a beautiful region of the Turkish Riviera on the southwestern coast of the country, home to roughly a million people and visited by over ten million people from around the world annually. It is known as one of the best beach resort areas in the world, offering everything a vacation lover could ask for at prices that can’t be beat. If you are looking to invest in a second home or possibly retire in an affordable paradise not too far from home, Antalya is definitely a place to check out. What should you know about the region if you are considering investing or purchasing a home in Antalya?
Beaches in Antalya

Incredible Beaches and Modern Facilities

Antalya is the centre of the Turkish Riviera, offering a perfect jumping ground for exploring the whole region. As a large city, it has all the amenities you could ask for in terms of comfort and ease, in addition to several resort-type areas that can offer the full vacation experience. Natural wonders in the area include Duden, Alexander, and Kursunlu Waterfalls along the Taurus Mountain range, Yavuz Ozcan National Park along the coast, and the stunning beaches of Kemer and Phaselis. All of these gems are possible in day trips from the main city or can be organised into longer multiple-day trips that combine sport activities with sightseeing and hiking. You can find whatever types of natural adventures you are looking for in Antalya.
Duden waterfalls

Turkish Traditions and Relaxation

Antalya also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to cultural offerings. Any visit to the area should include a walk through the old town of Kaleici, built by the Greeks centuries ago and still maintaining its historical atmosphere with beautifully unique architecture and shops brimming with traditional goods. You also can’t miss Hadrian’s Gate, one of the most popular sights in Antalya, along the main Ataturk Street in Kaleici. Built in 130 in honour of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, you can stroll up the sides of the gate to the two towers for incredible views of the city. The city is overflowing with other old and impressive artifacts like this, accentuated by locals selling handmade crafts like the famous delicately woven rugs and musical instruments more unique to the region. Like anywhere in Turkey, there is no shortage of outdoor bars and cafes to sip a black tea or Turkish coffee by day or a fruity cocktail by night, all in the midst of a relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere that can’t be beat.

Affordable Prices and Easy Inspection Trips

As an up-and-coming destination, the property prices for prime real estate throughout much of Turkey is still much lower than an equivalent piece of land in the more traditionally popular area along the Spanish coast, for example. Especially with the recent devaluation of Turkish currency, finding a convenient apartment for under 50,000£ or an independent villa for around 85,000£ without difficulty. To make sure you find the property of your dreams, Property Turkey provides short inspection trips to help you see various areas of Antalya until you find the property you have been looking for. We can organise every aspect of the trip, usually lasting between three and five days, so that you can see about five properties a day that fit your requirements and get a taste of all the Antalya and Turkey have to offer. 
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