A tour of Istanbul's top seafront properties

Istanbul's fortunes have always been tied to that of the sea. Located between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea, and divided by the Bosphorus, the city has relied on the waters as a gateway to global trade and travel, and a means of food and security.

Today, the relationship is stronger than ever. The pull of the seafront in Turkey's largest city is strong. During the week, commuters stream across the water on ferries or over bridges. During the weekend, thousands stroll along the Bosphorus, take pleasure cruises or go fishing.

So it comes as no surprise that some of the most sought-after property in Istanbul is found on its seafront. Let's explore some of the best Istanbul sea view apartments, starting from the most affordable. For the purposes of comparison, we're looking at two-bedroom properties in each complex. 

Belview Istanbul

Our most affordable Istanbul seafront property certainly hasn't economised on sea views. Here, in this Kartal development, you'll find some of the finest views available, looking out over the sea to day trippers' favourite, the Princes Islands. The complex is moments away from Marmara Metro line, allowing commuters access to central Istanbul in just 20 mins.

Nearby, you'll find excellent shopping streets, private schools and hospitals, and 30 kilometres of coastline for walking, jogging or biking. And of course, at the weekend you can access nearby ferries for day trips over to the islands.

"Foreigners aren't really aware of this part of Istanbul," says Property Turkey director Cameron Deggin. "But we're expecting that to change with developments like Belview. It offers great value for money, and plenty of extras.

  • Price for a two-bedroom apartment: $137,000, 
  • Per square metre price: $1320.

Blue Marina 

For those who enjoy a year-round marina lifestyle, Blue Marina's emphasis on shoreline living will hit the spot. 

Located in Buyukcekmece, on the Marmara Sea, residents can enjoy the delights of living on a 14km stretch of coastline, and all the advantages that brings.

With an emphasis on affordable luxury, these apartments have high rental capacity, and are of great appeal to the young professionals who head to the city for work.

Blue Marina's properties range from one to five bedrooms, each with sea views. The complex will have a high standard in leisure facilities, and is well connected to central Istanbul, being near the city's main highway. 

  • Price for a two-bedroom apartment: $190,000, 
  • Per square metre price: $1700.

West Marina

Built on 122,000sqm of land, West Marina has an emphasis on green spaces and social facilities, turning this development a self-contained village. There's a five-star hotel, private beach access, and a new marina - as well as the usual shops, restaurants and other leisure facilities.

West Marina is an easy 40 minute drive to the central city and landmarks, allowing residents a little distance from the hustle of the inner city but that connectivity necessary for work purposes.

There are 1-4 bedroom properties available in West Marina in multiple different types and sizes.

  • Price for a two-bedroom apartment: $210,000, 
  • Per square metre price: $2000.

Ottoman Palace

In a prime location in central Istanbul's Zeytinburnu neighbourhood, Ottoman Palace is built by an award-winning British architect.

Built over 111 hectares,  when it's completed in June 2020, Ottoman Palace will have properties of all shapes, types and sizes are available, and there's plenty of green space and top leisure facilities necessary for luxury city living. A marina, a five-star hotel, and a bustling town square will complete the development.

"It's simply one of the best developments you can find in the area," Deggin says. "There's clearly a huge difference between the price of this development and West Marina, but the jump in quality is very significant."

  • Price for a two-bedroom apartment: $371,000, 
  • Per square metre price: $3560.

Ottoman Sultans

Located in the historic Fatih district, Ottoman Sultans sits beside a 1600-year-old fortress. Also on your doorstep are some of the city's most significant historical sites: Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, and Hagia Sophia are all accessible within a few minutes car journey.

With 80% of this project turned over to green areas, Ottoman Sultans is a laid-back, peaceful project with panoramic sea views and top onsite social and leisure facilities. Its superb design engenders the high price tag, and it's conveniently located, just a few minutes from public transport points that will take residents all over the city.

"This is one of my favourite projects in this part of the city," Deggin says. "For anyone with an appreciation of history, and a liking for the finer things in life, you cannot go past this superb seaside development. The high price reflects the fact that these properties are not cookie-cutter homes: they have a boutique design, and feel more authentic than more affordable developments."

  • Price for a two-bedroom apartment: $419,000.
  • Per square metre price: $3778.

Pruva Atakoy

This Bakirkoy property is designed and built by one of Istanbul's biggest developers. Buyers looking for something key-ready are in luck: this designer complex is completed and ready for residents. However, these apartments, which have an emphasis on harmony with nature, will not stick around for long.

"This really is a fantastic design, great feel to the properties, and stunning views," Deggin says. "There's been a lot of interest in this project, but there are still units available for anyone looking to make a move sooner rather than later."

There are one- to five-bedroom units available in this complex, which is just 20 minutes from central Istanbul.

  • Price for a two-bedroom apartment: $600,000.
  • Per square metre price: $4000.

Charm Blue

These Zeytinburnu properties are cleverly designed, angled just so to maximise each resident's sea view. With top quality materials, such as heat resistant glass, award-winning interior design, European fittings and indoor-outdoor flow, Charm Blue has the highest build quality on our list - hence the price tag.

"It actually doesn't get better than this," Deggin says. "This superb development on Istanbul's European side has all the bells and whistles you'd expect, and a few you wouldn't."

  • Price for a two-bedroom apartment: $576,000.
  • Per square metre price: $4800.


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Smartly priced seafront Homes Istanbul

Smartly priced seafront Homes Istanbul

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