Whatever time of year you choose to visit Turkey, you’re sure to be enthralled by this incredible country. Of course, some seasons are better suited to certain activities, whether that’s sunny days on the beach, racing down the snowy ski slopes, or soaking up the wealth of culture on offer throughout the country.

However, many visitors neglect spring, choosing to holiday in Turkey during the summer months instead. What many fail to realise is how much there is to see and do in Turkey during spring, with the added benefits of lovely weather and fewer tourists. Find out more about why we think everyone should take a trip to Turkey during the spring.

No queues at the Blue Mosque if you head out in spring time.

1. It's free of crowds

Compared to the peak seasons of summer and winter, there are far less visitors to Turkey during spring. Fewer tourists saves you the hassle of having to wait in queues at tourist attractions such as the Blue Mosque, or having to search for a restaurants with a table spare come dinner time. Not only that, but with fewer tourists, you’re able to get a more authentic feel of what Turkey is really like. The locals have plenty more time available to start up a conversation with you, and you’re able to get a glimpse of what everyday life is like in Turkey, without the surge of scurrying visitors blurring the real Turkish way of life.

Take a breath-taking hike on The Lycian Way

2. It's the best time for hiking

Whilst the sizzling weather of the summer months is perfect for a relaxing beach break, it’s unlikely that anyone would be able to enjoy some of the more active offerings from Turkey during this time of year. Spring, on the other hand, provides much more comfortable temperatures (typically between 12°C and 16°C) to be able to enjoy some of the popular hiking trails carved into its countryside. If you’re an avid rambler, then a trip to Turkey in spring is well worth considering over any of the other seasons.

A hiking or trekking trip to Turkey isn’t complete without some time spent along the Lycian Way. Located by the Mediterranean Sea on the southern coast of Turkey, this was the country’s first ever official long-distance trail. Although the path stretches across over 500 km, there’s also a variety of shorter routes available from it. That way, you can still experience the Lycian Way and its incredible natural scenery, even if you’re strapped for time or don’t fancy tackling the entire trail.

Tulips in Istanbul are stunning around spring time

3. You can see Istanbul’s famous tulips

There’s no clearer sign that spring has sprung, than when the tulips arrive in Istanbul. Each year, millions and millions of these bright and beautiful flowers are introduced to the city, a truly unique sight to see and one of the most incredible, at that.

The Turkish locals have adored tulips ever since they were introduced to the country back in sixteenth century. It’s this love for these stunning flowers that brought about the annual Tulip Festival in Istanbul, where the city’s parks compete to provide the most sensational of tulip displays imaginable.

Year after year, both locals and visitors alike are in amazement at the many incredible displays made with tulips throughout Istanbul - it truly is one of the most lovely scenes you are bound to see. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of floral arrangements and park displays, you’ll be blown away by the tulips of Istanbul in spring.

The awe-inspiring library at Ephesus.

4. It’s the best time to see historical sites

With the pleasant spring weather comes the opportunity to soak up some of the culture that Turkey is steeped in. Alongside the gorgeous golden beaches and sensational ski slopes, are some impressive yet underrated sites that are well worth a visit.

Discover more about the history of Turkey, with some visits to a number of ancient cities situated throughout. Spend a few hours exploring the ancient ruins and landmarks of Ephesus and Troy, which were once some of the world’s most impressive cities. There’s also a number of castles situated throughout the country, highlighting a history and tales of times gone by in Turkey. The likes of Bodrum Castle and Simena Castle are well worth a visit, not only for their history, but for the sights and scenery that surround them. If you’re looking for a more unique architectural offering, the Castle of Uchisar is not to be missed during your time in Turkey.

If you’re looking for something more intriguing and unlike anything you will see anywhere else, then you won’t be disappointed by what Turkey has to offer. From the Great Mosque and Hospital of Divrigi to the ruins of Hattusa, not forgetting to mention the Harran Beehive Houses, there are numerous underrated sites to visit in Turkey that will be greatly appreciated during the comfortable temperatures and less crowded months of spring.

Children's day is a bit of a big deal in Turkey

5. There’s lots of festivals and events

Turkey plays host to over 1000 cultural celebrations throughout the year, all of which are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Even in spring, when tourism is quieter than the summer and winter months, there’s a number of cultural festivals and events held in Turkey that are bound to pique your attention.

A family holiday to Turkey in spring could see you visiting the country at the same time as National Sovereignty and Children's Day. This is a national day dedicated to celebrating the love we have for children and the responsibility we all share for their happiness. This is a rather unique cultural celebration. There’s also the Istanbul Film Festival in April, as well as the Istanbul Music Festival, which begins towards the end of spring and continues into the early summer months.

6. Prices are often a bit lower

A trip to Turkey in spring will typically cost you a fair bit less than it would in the high seasons of summer and winter. When there are fewer visitors to the country, hotels and excursion providers tend to lower their prices as a way of encouraging more people to book their accommodation or services. Therefore, not only will you benefit from the mild temperatures and fewer crowds, you’ll also be able to save some money on quality accommodation and all the fun-filled activities on offer!

A relaxing walk down Cezayir street, Istanbul

7. It’s the ideal time to take a city break

If you’re more into your city sights than your beach bronzing, there’s no greater time to head over to Turkey than during spring. Two or three nights are well spent in the likes of Istanbul and Ankara during this time of year, when the weather is nice enough to spend hours on end exploring the sights, and when there are fewer visitors around to mask the overall feel of these cultural destinations. There’s no doubt you’ll thoroughly enjoy the time spent strolling around the city streets, with mild weather and little to no crowds as added bonuses.

If you’re unaware of what appealing attributes Turkey has to offer during spring, we’re sure you’ll be blown away by the experiences to be had on a trip during this time of year. Don’t just take our word for it - why not find out for yourself by visiting Turkey in the coming spring.


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