​5 reasons why retiring in Turkey is the best thing you’ll ever do

67 year old Swede Bjorn Eschel moved to Antalya a year ago and hasn't looked back. He bought a 2 bedroom apartment in Antalya’s Konyaalti Beach for Euro 79,000. We asked him what made him take the plunge.
1. Money
"I hate to sound materialistic, but money does make the world go round. Back home my world had come to a halt! My pension is fairly generous but with rising prices in my hometown (Stockholm) I was living hand to mouth. I decided to sell my apartment and look elsewhere. For a modest price I was able to buy an apartment in Antalya, and my pension easily covers my expenses and allows me some leeway each month."
2. Lifestyle
"After living in Stockholm my whole life, I couldn't imagine living somewhere small. Istanbul was slightly too big (and so were the prices) so I settled on Antalya. I love it here. The weather's wonderful all year round. I can take the Dolmus (local bus) from my apartment to the middle of the city in 20 minutes. There is no end of things to do here. I've taken up golf - which is too expensive back home - and I swim in the sea every day, although my Turkish friends say I’m crazy to swim in the winter! It's a wonderful lifestyle."
3. Weather
"I moved here in August which was a mistake, in retrospect. It was far too hot and I wondered what I'd let myself in for. But once September came along the weather cooled and I liked it a lot more. Every day is warm and pleasant, and the winters are mild. Well, my Turkish friends tell me it's cold, to which I say 'you should go to Stockholm'! I went back to Sweden this year for July and August and stayed with my daughter to avoid the worst of the heat, but most of the time the weather is ideal for an old man like myself."
4. Travel
"I love to see new places and I am making it my mission to see as much of Turkey as I can. Travel links from Antalya Airport are excellent - flights to Cappadocia for example are around Euro 60 return, off peak. I have done a lot of exploring using Antalya as a base. I have also been to a couple of Greek islands, they're fairly easy to reach from the coastline here. I often get the bus to Fethiye, stay overnight and then catch the ferry to Rhodes in the morning."
5. Food
"I'm one of those annoying people you call 'foodies' in English. I'm obsessed with food! Stockholm has some excellent restaurants and I am pleased to say Antalya is just as good. You can eat like a king for less than Euro 10 here, and it costs far less than that for a good meal of meatballs and rice. I do a lot of my own cooking and love visiting the markets. Produce here is cheap and very tasty. Coffee is fantastic - but strong. Back home tomatoes were pale and dry but here they are so juicy I can eat them like apples."


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