Luxury Resorts of the Bodrum Peninsula - How to splash out in style?

On the Aegean coast of Turkey, sits the cosmopolitan Bodrum Peninsula. Its unique identity attracts domestic Turks from all over the county and thousands of foreign visitors of all nationalities. Trying to describe the region in one word is impossible. It is a multitude of characters and projective appearances, made in part by its illusive history but mainly because of its ability to adapt to changing times, while still maintaining traditional Turkish vibes. 

While the mainstream travel industry will market it as an affordable destination, there is an untold world that exists purely to provide extravagant luxury with no concern for cost. Indeed, in certain circles, it is the “playground of the rich” or The Saint Tropez of Turkey. Anyone who still wants luxurious service though, can choose other destinations on this peninsula and as long as you have ready cash, your name or bank balance is of no issue.
Luxury Bodrum

The Lavish Lifestyle of Turkbuku

Privately owned mega yachts often dock in the small resort of Turkbuku, of whose identity is vastly different from its humble beginnings as a Turkish fishing village. Chic waterfront restaurants employ professional chefs trained in the kitchens of London, France and Istanbul. There is no such thing as street food here, just fine cuisine and the best wine sourced from all over the world. 

However, if you have plans for luxurious relaxation in peace and quiet, you would do better to choose another resort than Turkbuku. Turkbuku is popular with the young yuppies who insist on the “work hard, play hard” concept in nightclubs such as the Blue Tessa and Pashas. If you are lured to the ambience and atmosphere of this rich playground, go one-step further and net yourself a luxury beachfront holiday home for an average of 6 million pounds.    

Indulge yourself in Extravagant Torba

Torba is another small resort, based approximately 6 kilometres outside of the main Bodrum town centre. Average hotel accommodation in Torba is three stars and above and the chic resort will never appear in any budget hitchhiker’s guide to Turkey. 

Although not as luxurious as the previously mentioned resort of Turkbuku, Torba is still an elite area more suited to the upmarket traveller. Despite its progress in luxury and modern facilities, it has done well to maintain its unspoilt fishing village vibes, and it is not usual to see the mega yachts, that sail the Turkish Riviera to be docked in besides a small fishing boat. 

Nightlife here revolves around seafront fish restaurants, such as the pricy Sina Balik, where conversations are dignified and light-hearted. During June and July, the resort becomes busy with rich Turks from big cities and private villas available to rent do a roaring trade. If you want a second holiday home in Torba, expect to pay between 400,000 to 900,000 UK pounds but that will include a beachfront location, the most modern facilities in terms of home decor, and a stunning view of the Aegean coast. 

The World Renowned Kempinski Bay Hotel

Barabos Bay has made a name for itself, purely because it hosts the renowned Kempinski Bay Hotel, which prides themselves for a worldwide reputation of excellence for refined travellers. If celebrities come to Bodrum, chances are that they will book into the hotel that offers privacy away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. With its own private beach, a 2000 metre square infinity pool, and the latest innovations in spa facilities, guests return repeatedly, despite the premium costs. 

Several bars and restaurants provide expensive drinks and signature gourmet cuisine originating from countries such as Italy and Spain. Book the presidential suite and enjoy the services of your own 24-hour butler, floor to ceiling windows, and even a pillow menu! This will cost you an average of 4,275 Euros for each night but, another option exists for returning guests and that is your own permanent private residence to come and go as you please. The price of the 201 square metre private apartments is undisclosed. If you have to ask, you cannot afford it. 
Kempinski Bay hotel Bodrum

Bodrum Marina and the Private Gulet Yachts

Bodrum Marina is a highly sought after destination for luxury yacht owners. They have to book their berths months in advance and if you want increase your status in society, this is definitely the place to be seen. 

A private luxury yacht can be rented for an average of 2000 USD a night but this will ensure you have a full team of staff including your own private chef, captain, deck hands, and waiters. Spend the day sailing the coastline but at nighttime, be sure to show your face in the highly esteemed Bodrum Marina Yacht Club. 

Three restaurants called the Vespa, Club, and Roof marine serve signature cuisine under the supervision of Master Chef Huseiyn Erdem who has won numerous awards throughout the world for his culinary genius. The roof top bar has magnificent views of the town, Bodrum castle and marina and of course, you will be mixing with esteemed members of society, both international and Turks.  
Bodrum marina

Palmarina Club in Yalikavak

A favourite holiday destination for American celebrities such as Jay Z, Beyonce, Michael, and Catherine Douglas, Bodrum also hosts the exclusive Billionaires Club of Bodrum, based in Yalikavak. This mysterious group, shrouded in secrecy, only entertains people with a bank balance of billions. Associated with brands such as Don Perignon and Lamborghini, 99% of the population will never make it across the threshold to gain membership.

Irrespective of the Billionaires club, the marina has all facilities to empty your bank balance and max your credit card to the hilt. Beating the standards of other marinas around the world, Palmarina is considered the king of the yachting scene with the Cipriani Bodrum as the best restaurant in the area.

Average shopping brands do not exist, instead hosting names such as Madam Coco and the restaurant’s cuisine focus on a fusion blend of western, Ottoman, and Asian signature dishes. Even if you cannot afford to indulge in their luxury establishments, keep your eye on regular music events held throughout the summer in the 2500 seated ampitheatre - whether you own a property in Bodrum, come just for holidays, or are visiting for the first time - this list will keep you busy and in line with the luxury lifestyle in Yalikavak that is becoming the norm here.
Palmarina Yalikavak


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