​5 reasons why Kalkan is the ultimate Mediterranean getaway

There seems to be no end in sight for the popularity of Kalkan homes among the better travelled foreign buyer, who has developed a taste for finer things in life. Steep rentals commanded on Kalkan villas are also a concrete evidence that holiday makers simply can’t get enough of this charming yet unspoilt corner of the Turkish Mediterranean. Prices are going up year on year and availability of homes to buy is fast diminishing.  We expect a very strong resale market to emerge very soon with significant premiums being charged to new comers. Let us find out what makes owning a property in Kalkan so special  

Kalkan view at night1. Exclusivity

Kalkan isn't on the tourist trail. Thanks to its distance from Dalaman (a good 1.5 hours' drive) it's not part of package holiday deals. It's not besieged by tourists, and you don't have to fight your way along the promenade in the afternoons. Instead, Kalkan is what every Turkish town wants to be: refined, elegant, enchanting. Its cobbled streets speak of history and secrets. Its harbour is peaceful and picturesque. Its property? Well, Kalkan property is some of the best in the world. Kalkan homes are some of the most exclusive on the coast - in keeping with the town's genteel character.

2. Those summer nights

What could be more alluring than dinner under the stars, at one of Kalkan's rooftop restaurants? Strolling along hand in hand through the town's cobbled streets? The allure of Kalkan by night is completely intoxicating. During the day the streets are lively and the boats bob along the harbour. Small shops and boutiques open onto the cobbled streets. People sip coffee and eat baklava at the waterfront cafes. But night time, in my opinion, is when this romantic town shines. There's nothing quite like a summer's night in Kalkan, with the stars reflecting off the water and the waves lapping against the harbour wall.

3. Capital growth and Investment

On a more practical note (forget the stars for a second here), Kalkan's exclusive reputation has cemented its status as one of the most expensive places on the Turkish Mediterranean coastline to buy property. Kalkan property does not come cheap - but with good reason. The high prices commanded here are becoming higher by the week, which is why it's in such demand. Those who bought property even two years ago are looking at gains of up to 20% on their Kalkan real estate. And prices are still rising. Investors are scrambling to pick up any waterfront and harbour property available, confident of sky high returns.

4. Rental income

As with any exclusive resort, Kalkan's in high demand with holidaymakers seeking rental properties. A limited number of luxury Kalkan properties on the rental market (Kalkan home owners tend to keep their villas close and their mansions closer) means that properties that are available for rental during the peak season are earning eye-watering rental incomes. Rental returns of 7% per annum of property value earned each year are common place  - which means if your home is worth Euro 500,000, you could earn a very healthy Euro 35,000 each year. Starting to understand Kalkan's appeal?

Kalkan sea views5. The sea and breathtaking sea views

This part of the coastline is famous for its island tours, its blue cruises, its diving and its sailing. Kalkan is a fantastic starting point for any of these activities. Nearby Kas (just a 20 minute drive away) has a new marina which offers top facilities - and caters to some of the world's greatest movers and shakers. Turkey has become a must-see spot on every sailor's itinerary - and Kalkan is slap bang in the middle of the coastline.

And the views... Kalkan is often accredited for having the best sea views in the Mediterranean. We have heard many travellers, who have holidayed in the Amalfi Coast of Italy and the French Riviera, saying “nothing we have seen so far compares to waking up to the sea view in Kalkan”


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