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Behind the Ulu Cami (Grand Mosque), lies Bursa’s vast Kapali Carsi (Covered Market). The covered market is an ideal way to spend a few hours especially if you have already visited the Istanbul Grand Bazaar and found it too touristy. In the centre of the covered market is the bedesten which is best described as an enclosure for valuable goods that is vaulted and fireproofed. Although the structure was built in the late 14th century it had to be reconstructed after it sustained severe damage from an earthquake in 1854.

The market is most famous for its exceptional quality and good value towels and bathrobes, and with this in mind it is definitely worth saving some space in your luggage to take home some quality bargains!
Bursa central markets

Whilst wandering around the covered market make sure to look out for the Eski Aynali Carsi, the Old Mirrored Market which was originally the Orhangazi Hamam in 1335 and was the old bath house of the Orhan Camii Kulliyesi as is shown by its structure which has a domes ceiling with sky lights. The old mirrored market is the best place to shop for the Karagoz shadow puppets and other traditional items.

The covered market spills out onto the surrounding streets but be sure to find the gateway which will take you to the Koza Han which was founded in 1490. It will not surprise you to find this building full of incredibly beautiful and expensive ipek (silk) shops. In the courtyard there is a small mosque which was built in 1491 for Yildirim Beyazit.

Next to the covered market is also the Emir Han which is frequented by many of Bursa’s silk traders. In the past the camels from the silk caravans would be tied up here and goods were stored in the ground floor rooms whilst the merchants would sleep or conduct their business in the rooms above. There is also a stunning fountain in the courtyard which now also has a superb tea garden. 
Bursa central markets

Koza Han dates back centuries as a marketplace where traders from the 14th century onwards came to buy and sell their products. Bursa is particularly famous for the silk that is still being produced here. The covered market consists of a several Ottoman buildings, two of which are attached to the central covered market, with a beautiful, tree shaded courtyard in the middle which is the ideal way to relax with a cup of traditional tea. Silk shops, are in abundance and it is worth looking around prior to making a purchase as they all vary in prices, and the quality can vary but you can be assured that it is the best quality that you will find in Bursa. The shopkeepers are very obliging and will be honest when asked the obligatory question: is this silk or a synthetic? 

The central markets in Bursa are a must on your itinerary as there are lots of quality produce on offer and you will get a true sense of Turkey and the traditions.  

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