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Bursa City Museum

The Bursa City Museum was opened in 2004 with the sole aim to be a museum that exhibits works to educate and develop the community and provide them with an understanding of the city that they live in. Housed in the old Courthouse Building it is an official designated culture space and is defined in the city development plan and it sits in the city centre in a place that is easily accessible.

The Bursa City Museum presents the city's historical, commercial, geographical, and cultural values in chronological order. Including the passing into the hands of the Turks in 1326 Orhan, and representing being capital of Ottoman Empire.
Bursa City Museum

1960 saw the development of industry and immigration and the museum shows how the population and urban development has changed so quickly. With the enlargement of the geographical location and the increased agricultural, industrial and commercial capacity plus the increasing importance of Bursa is explained in full in this museum. With a completely different lay out from what one may expect from a museum with this museum containing chronological order on the ground floor and a themed narrative. 

The first gallery, which is on the ground floor of Bursa City Museum is made up of three floors, and has been named “Bursa city of Civilisations.” The first civilisations in and around Bursa, and offers a complete history and information about the Bursa from the time of the War of Independence and Ottoman period. The second gallery is named “Contemporary Bursa", and describes the historical process from the Republican Period to the present day.

The museum also houses six wax statues that represent the Ottoman sultans who resided in Bursa and there is also a model of the city of Bursa which is an accurate representation of the physical features of an area. The model also provides information about the monuments that are around Bursa such as the commercial buildings, mosques and so on. 
Bursa City Museum

As well as the exhibition spaces there is an area on the ground floor of the museum that has a gift shop and cafe, a good place for visitors to relax. The museum has all of the equipment to make it easy for disabled visitors to also enjoy the museum.  

When visiting the Bursa City Museum make sure that you give yourself enough time to visit every part. It is a rich and comprehensive guide on the history, culture and nature of Bursa. You can learn all about the rituals of both the past and daily life. There is no doubt that you will be very impressed with all of the detail and information that is on offer. The entrance fee currently is 3TL and visitors are even treated to a free cup of tea or Turkish coffee with their entrance fee. 
Last Updated: 01 January 1970

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