Bursa Citadel

Updated: 01 January 1970 Created: 06 June 2014
Located just a few minutes’ walk uphill from the Ulu Cami, and the centre of Bursa is the former citadel known as Hisar and this is the oldest part of the city and was once the hub of Bursa. All that remains now are some exquisite yet run down Ottoman houses within the narrow streets and various parts of the medieval wall along its perimeter. The city walls that are on your left as you walk up the hill lead to a fortress gate that has been completed restored. Just beyond this are the tombs of the founders of the Ottoman dynasty, Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi. These tombs date from 1868 when they were rebuilt after the earthquake of 1855.

The Citadel fell into Ottoman hands when Orhan’s troops broke through the walls, and later he had a wooden palace built inside these walls and the Byzantine ramparts were restructured. Until this era the walls were around the entire circumference of the ancient city. It was Orhan that encouraged the expansion of Bursa and this is why the commercial heart of Bursa is now further to the east. 

During your walk you will see that when the Ataturk Caddesi (Street) changes to Cemal Nadir Street, there are pedestrian ramps that have been installed to make it easy to climb up to get to the Hisar plateau. 
Bursa Citadel

There are many places to visit along the way to the plateau at the top of Hisar including the Zafer Plaza which is a vast modern shopping centre which makes a great place to stop and get some refreshments. On the north side of the Hisar is a terrace and clock tower that offer amazing panoramic views of the whole city and surrounding areas. 

When you reach Altiparmak there are a multitude of designer and upmarket stores plus some cinemas. From this area you can choose to either walk west to Muradiye, which is the most direct route or to go inland and amble around the neighbourhood.   

The lowest part of the perimeter wall is at the exit of Pinarbasi Kapisi (Gate) and this is where Orhan finally entered the city in 1326. From here you can walk parallel to the walls and re-enter at Zindan Gate where you will see the Alaeddin mosque which is Bursa’s earliest mosque. 

For those who choose to follow the Hata Yurdu Street this is a much easier route that will take you through further parkland with tea houses and cafes dotted here and there and then opening out at the public hospital. The cafes that are located the furthest away offer great views of the Muradiye district.

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