Uludag in Bursa

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Uludag is one of the highest mountains in the Marmara region of Turkey and is open to tourists all year round. Uludag stands 2,543 metres and about 40km in length and is within the city limits of Bursa and is the biggest winter sports centre in Turkey. The site was originally named Kesis Dag (mountain of the monks) following the conquest of Burs by Orhan Gazi and then renamed Uludag in 1925 by Osman Sevki Bey.

Uludag is also known as the Olympos Mysios and is said to have been the place where the gods had viewed the Trojan War. 

There are several different trails which are arranged according to the level of difficulty and these are an ideal opportunity to get acquainted with the outstanding beauty of this area. 

Uludag is home to the first cable car system in Turkey, and the area is suitable for a multitude of activities thanks to its excellent make up and location. Furthermore, the high mountain climate provides for a refreshingly cool weather in every season.

Getting to Uludag is easy, whether you opt for a taxi or city bus. If taking the dolmus you need the one marked Teleferik, and you will head eastward, this is about a 15 minute ride from Bursa centre to the cable car base station. The ride to the summit takes 30 minutes. If there is bad weather you should check as the cable car may not be operating. 

On entering the cable car, try to sit at the back of the car, as this is where you will get the best panoramic views. If you prefer not to travel to the top via the cable car there are dolmus that depart from the centre and drive the 14 miles to the summit.

When visiting you should allow at least four hours, this will ensure that you have plenty of time for the journey and also to enjoy the scenery at the top. When you reach the top there are various snacks and drink places available as well as walking trails. There is also a campsite that is run by the Uludag National Park, however it is worth noting that the campsite is fully booked well in advance.

There is the Uludag Ski Centre at the top of the summit which has ski tracks which are approximately 20km long. To ensure that there is something for everyone there is also Northern and Alpine Style Skiing, snowboarding and tour skiing plus there are areas suitable for Heliskiing. The height of the snow in the Uludag Ski Centre can reach up to 3 metres during the winter. Uludag Ski Centre also benefits from 8 chair-lifts and 7 teleskis.

If you are looking to ski in Uludag the best time is between December 20th and March 20th. Under optimum/normal weather conditions the Uludag Ski Centre will get about 3 metres of snow which will be powdery snow at the beginning of the winter and rather dewy snow towards the end. 

Uludag is unique as it is one of the only places where you can sunbathe at the bottom of the resort and then ski at the top! This is an attraction that should not be missed when visiting to Bursa. It is an excellent resort overall with several chairlifts and draglifts. The majority of the slopes are reasonably challenging with plenty of off-piste areas to play on. If you are visiting it is advised to avoid weekends as this is when it is very crowded and there are long queues. 

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