The cool and mysterious waters of Saklikent Canyon

Updated: 06 June 2022 Created: 24 October 2013

Saklikent Gorge

Magnificent Saklikent Gorge in Turkey’s Mediterranean Fethiye region defies belief. This striking natural feature is just 50 kilometres from Fethiye and is excellent for an outdoorsy day trip when you are tired of sunning yourself on Fethiye’s beaches or lounging about pools. Saklikent Canyon is around 300 metres deep and 18 kilometres long. Formed by gushing river flow from the backing Taurus Mountain range over thousands of years, when winter ends and the snow melts, water levels in Saklikent Canyon reach dangerous heights. So do not visit during this time; instead, wait until Spring is well underway to experience the beauty and walk among the majestic Gorge walls.

About Saklikent Canyon in Fethiye

Saklikent high walls and mountain water make the canyon cooler than the rest of Fethiye and a refreshing excursion when summer temperatures are well underway. However, take good shoes to avoid getting wet feet. Something to bear in mind if you also wear trousers instead of shorts.

To start the walk, a suspended walkway hugs the rock side. After a short distance, reach an open space with fast-flowing water. Then, admire the Saklikent gorge from the platform or cross the river. This is challenging even with low water levels because the uneven riverbed quickly leads to twisted ankles. However, helpers assist with twists, turns, and dangerous spots along the way.

Saklikent Gorge’s entrance starts with a carpark, toilets, and numerous gift shops. Traditional restaurants on the other side of the river serve local trout and delicious salads. Their riverside platforms are perfect for chilling out, eating and drinking before continuing sightseeing. Also, tube Saklikent river, or if you find yourself in awe at the natural beauty and want to continue the theme, book into an overnight tree hut accommodation.

Tours to Saklikent Gorge and Other Places in Fethiye

You can visit Saklikent Gorge independently. Public transport from other places in Fethiye is adhoc, so hire a car instead. Then, pay entrance fees, and away you go. Alternatively, many travel agents sell tours to Saklikent Gorge and other places on the way. They include…

Tlos Ancient Ruins: This ancient city, nestled among hillsides, perfectly combines Ottoman and Byzantine architecture. Wander around various excavated structures to get a good insight into what daily life was like for citizens of Tlos. One of our favourite structures is hillside Lycian tombs overlooking the Xanthos plains. The views are amazing!

Uzumlu Village: This village belonging to Turkey’s Fethiye region remains off the grid and perfectly hidden. Tourists love the old part, but people flock to the yearly mushroom festival from all over. Additionally, many people buy land in Uzumlu and build large private villas.

More About the Fethiye Region: Saklikent Gorge belongs to Turkey’s Fethiye region, a popular tourist and ex-pat destination. Thousands of international and domestic holidaymakers descend to enjoy beauty, tranquillity, and places of interest every year. Fethiye boasts of stunning natural beauty and places like Butterfly Valley, Kayakoy ghost village, Calis Beach and Paspatur old town. This article discusses what to see and where to go in the Fethiye Region.

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