The cool and mysterious waters of Saklikent Canyon

Updated: 24 October 2013 Created: 24 October 2013
Saklikent canyonThis striking natural feature is just 50 kilometres from Fethiye and makes a great destination for an outdoorsy day trip when you get tired of sunning yourself on Fethiye’s beaches or lounging about by the pool in your Fethiye villa.

The canyon is around 300 metres deep, and 18 kilometres long. It was formed by the steady flow of rivers over thousands of years. Each winter, the water levels rise to dangerous levels. However, during the summer months around four kilometres of the canyon are walkable, and walkers flock to take in the beautiful natural surroundings. 

The canyon’s high walls and mountain water mean it’s cooler than the rest of the area and makes for a refreshing excursion from Fethiye’s beaches.

You’ll need good shoes and a decent supply of water. Some people prefer to wear their swimming gear here as you will get wet.

At the beginning of the walk a suspended walkway hugs the rockside. After a short walk you’ll reach an open space with fast-flowing water. If you want to complete the walk you’ll need to cross the river. This can be a challenge, even when water levels are low, as the riverbed is uneven which can be a recipe for a twisted ankle if you’re not wary. However, in return for a small tip you can enlist the help of one of the helpers conveniently dotted along the river. They’ll help you across the trickier bits.

The gorge entrance has undergone some changes in recent years and there’s now a large carpark, toilets and a few gift shops. You’ll also find a few restaurants on the other side of the river, serving up the local speciality: trout. These have platforms on the riverside, a lovely place to chill out with a drink and a snack before or after your walk. There are also tree house huts available for overnight accommodation.

Saklikent canyonYou can tube on parts of the gorge, if you’re feeling adventurous.

The ancient city of Tlos is nearby, some people combine the two attractions to make an unforgettable day trip from nearby Fethiye. If you have property in Fethiye and live there year round you might want to do the trip at the beginning of the season when it’s quieter. 

The cost is currently 5.50 TL for adults and 2.75 TL for students. The canyon is open from 1 April to 30 September.

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