Turkish tourism revenue in Q3 2019 Up by 22%

Tourists in Istanbul

According to data released by TURKSTAT (Turkish Statistical Institute), tourism income in Turkey has increased to 14.3 billion USD in the third quarter of this year. These figures provide data that confirms that revenue from tourism in Turkey has risen massively by 22% year-on-year when compared with 2018.

Where the tourism revenue comes from

TURKSTAT confirmed that: “While 82.1% of this income (excluding GSM roaming and marina service expenditures) was obtained from foreign visitors, 17.9% was obtained from citizens residing abroad.”

In the July – September period individual spending made up approximately 9.9 billion USD of the overall income from tourists, whilst a further 4.1 billion USD was amassed from package tours. In the same period food and drink made up the largest proportion of visitor expenses to total about 2.6 billion USD. Foreign tourists spent just under 1.95 billion USD and Turkish visitors who live abroad but retuned to visit made up a further 713 million USD.

Clothing, transport both domestic and international, and accommodation came in behind food and drink. International transport produced 1.83 billion USD, clothes 1.45 billion USD, accommodation and hotels in Turkey brought in 13.9 billion USD whilst domestic transportation accounted for 1.07 billion USD.

Why do tourists choose to visit Turkey?

The top reasons people choose to visit Turkey was for the travel experience, this was then followed by entertainment, sports and culture. These reasons made up 59% of the total people and why they choose Turkey over any other countries. When it came to the accommodation element, the top choices were hotels and motels with an outstanding figure of 84 million overnight stays recorded in Turkey so far.

Tourism expenditure in Turkey

The Institute confirmed that the tourism expenditure in Turkey that came from Turks choosing to visit abroad produced a yearly increase of 1.8%, which equates to a monetary increase in the July to September period of 1.23 billion USD.

Visitor numbers in Turkey

In the third quarter of this year Turkey played host to more than 21.6 million visitors. When compared with the year-on-year figures this is a 15% rise. Of these visitors, there were 85.3% foreign visitors and 14.7% Turkish citizens who came back to visit from where they reside abroad. The total number of visitors to Turkey from January to September in 2019 was a colossal 41 million.

Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 in Turkey

Tourism earnings in Turkey also increased in both of the first two quarters with a rise of 4.6% in the first quarter and 13.2% in the second quarter.


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