Turkish Delivery Service Getir opens in Spain

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Successful Turkish delivery service company, Getir, have recently announced that they are launching and expanding in a further two international cities, those cities being Madrid and Barcelona in Spain.

Getir explained that these new launches have been made possible by acquiring BLOK, a rapid delivery service company in Spain. They also added that the company has additional plans to roll out across other cities and areas of Spain soon, saying that: “The bet on the Spanish market is strong: Getir will start with 19 G-stores in total in Madrid and Barcelona.”

Most popular destinations for Getir

Nazim Salur, the founder of Getir in Turkey recently said: “Madrid and Barcelona are two of the most popular destinations in Europe, two vibrant cities thanks to their local life and tourist appeal.”

He went on to add that: “Spain is a natural market for us to expand our activity, and we are confident in the public’s receptiveness to our quality service and innovative technology.”

Working culture of Getir

The General Manager of Getir Spain, Hunab Moreno emphasised how the working culture of Getir is based on respect between the employees. Moreno said that: “Our culture is one of working and growing together. We firmly believe the better we take care of our people, the better our service will be. We want to be the best company to work for.”

The origins of Getir delivery service

Getir was originally founded in 2015 in Turkey and was soon known as the world’s first speedy grocery delivery service in the city of Istanbul. In recent years Getir has grown rapidly and entered into the international market with Getir now operating in London in the UK, Amsterdam in The Netherlands, Berlin in Germany, and Paris in France so far this year.


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