Turkish rapid delivery service, Getir, launches in Amsterdam

Food delivery in Turkey

The online fast delivery company, Getir, meaning ‘bring’, founded in Turkey, has now begun to provide its service in the Netherlands, after entering into the Amsterdam market. This comes following the inauguration of operations within London, the founder of Getir explained on Friday.

The founder of Getir, Nazim Salur, shared this news via Twitter, saying that the next steps will be to introduce the delivery service to Paris and Berlin.

The statement read: “Getir to be on Amsterdam’s streets as of today. This two-syllable Turkish word continues to be popular in new countries. Paris and Berlin are coming soon.”

Expansion of the company worldwide

In January of 2021, operations started in London, after a fresh round of funding was secured for the Turkish start-up, making its value hit 850 million USD, or 6 billion Turkish Lira.

Then, later on in the year in March, it was announced by the company that it had raised a further 300 million USD, or 2.4 billion Turkish Lira, for an international expansion in a funding round that had the company value at approximately 2.6 billion USD.

Unicorns of Turkey

The company has thus become the second unicorn of Turkey, which is the term for a start-up which has surpassed the 1 billion USD valuation mark.

At the time, Salur announced in a news conference that the funds would be used to further expand the company into other countries, and that the company were looking to start up operations in Germany, France, and the Netherlands within the next few months.

Sequoia Capital and Tiger led the most recent round of investment, while the CEO of the company added that they could hold another investment round nearer the end of the year. He continued to say that seven out of the eight funds who had previously invested had also joined the capital increase when the new valuation had taken place.

The founding of Getir

In 2015, Getir was founded in Istanbul, and has a large market in Turkey, delivering more than 1,500 different varieties of groceries to millions of people across Turkey.

Getir says that through the app, it is possible to deliver thousands of grocery items, including items such as eggs, ice cream, nappies, and cat food, “within minutes”. It also branched out into the takeaway food industry in Turkey under the name of “Getir Yemek” which allows customers to order from restaurants and cafes within their neighbourhoods using couriers.


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