Turkey’s first electrical car Track ready to Test

Car in Turkey

Turkey’s Automobile Joint Venture Group (Togg) recently confirmed that the test track that was built specifically for the first domestic and completely electric car in Turkey is almost completed.

The construction of the 1.6km/1 mile track started in July 2020, and the fully electric car has successfully completed a debut test run according to the consortium developing the car. The track is located at the production facility in the north-western Bursa province’s Gemlik district.

Board meetings

The Togg board members, Industry and Technology Minister, Mustafa Varank, Treasury and Finance Minister, Nureddin Nebati held their monthly meeting at the track in Gemlik and were the first to test drive the track.

Togg prototypes

The prototypes of the Togg range will all undergo testing on the track and areas will be designed in accordance with the different driving requirements such as: a rugged road track, a high speed track, as well as an area where special manoeuvres can be performed.

Track and Product development

The track was constructed in three months, and this will be where all the product development and quality controls will take place.

Meanwhile, at the Gemlik factory work is continuing and the entire area measuring 1.2 million square metres is due to be finished in May. 86% of the main facility is now complete and there are 185 robots that have begun partless rehearsals. 92% of the paint facility used for painting tanks and housing the ovens are now complete, and the assembly facility is just 16% off being complete.

The Togg

The plan is that the Togg will be in mass production during the last quarter of this year, and once the homologation tests are completed the first vehicle in the C-segment and the SUV market are planned to be launched at the end April 2023. These will be followed by hatchback models and sedans entering the production line. In the final years there will be an addition of B-SUV and C-MPV to the family, and the product range of five different vehicles will be complete. The plan is for Togg to produce at least one million vehicles by 2030.


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