Can Foreigners Buy a Car in Turkey?

Yes, foreigners can buy a car in Turkey, and in fact, many expats do that because bringing a foreign car into the country involves a lot of red tape, laws, rules, and regulations. The added advantage of a foreigner buying a car in Turkey is tax relief. Expect the best of the best from the automobile industry. New models from well-known brands hit the forecourt every month, so you can buy whatever dream vehicle you want. Let us look at where to start.

Car in Turkey

How to buy a car in Turkey as a foreigner

First, car buyers must have a valid residence permit. If you do not, see this article on applying for one. Foreign car buyers follow the same procedures as a Turkish citizen does, but all foreigners receive a MA plate instead of receiving a Turkish plate. The good news is that for most foreigners buying brand new cars from reputable dealers, they complete the registration, which must be done within three months.

They submit numerous documents, including a notarised sales invoice and bill, a conformity certificate, a receipt for consumption tax, and your copies of traffic insurance. The amount of tax varies depending on CO2 emission, age, capacity, and prices. In addition, foreigners receive tax exemptions on new cars or second-hand cars sold by another foreigner, but not Turk.

Buying a tax-free car is also known as a blue plate, and to apply, submit your passport copies, residence permit copies, notary certificates, the vehicle's documentation. The registration only lasts until the date of your residency. The two taxes are Special Consumption Tax and Value Added Tax, updated regularly according to EU regulations on CO2 emissions. Regardless, foreign car owners still need to pay the annual road tax.

The thing to know about buying a car in Turkey is that vehicles increase in value, unlike in western countries. Hence the roaring trade in Turkey's second-hand car market. However, please remember that when a foreigner buys a car, their spouse and children can use the car, but a Turk cannot. Additionally, the tax-free scheme does not apply to anyone with dual nationality.

What About My Driving Licence?

Foreigners must either get a Turkish driving licence or leave the country every six months to get their passports stamped. However, the latter choice flouts legal regulations, and in the event of an accident, your insurance company might refuse to represent you. It is a catch 22 situation since many foreigners feel that obtaining a Turkish licence is hard. To convert their current licence, they need a copy of their education certificate, but for those over the age of 50, they can't track them down. Additionally, they don't want to convert their current licence because they need it back in their home country.

Documents Needed for a Turkish Licence

Applicants need an application form, residence permit, colour photocopy of driver's licence, a notarised translation of your licence, certificate of health from a doctor, blood type report, notarised copy of educational qualifications, criminal report, a biometric photo, and payment receipt for the licence. In addition, applicants need three more biometric photos and proof of address for a new Turkish licence instead of converted.

To get a new Turkish licence, find a local driver's course that the National education ministry endorses. First, pay the licence tax fee. Then, attend the theoretical exam course lasting roughly three weeks, covering first aid training and traffic etiquette. For the exam, applicants must pass 70 out of 100 questions in various languages of your choice, including Russian, Turkish, English and German. Upon passing the exam, take 12 hours of lessons conducted in the Turkish language. If successful, applicants are issued a temporary licence until the official one is given. Failed applicants can try three times.

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