Turkey viewed as a regional hub by American Companies

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In a recent statement, Julie Eadeh, the spokesperson from the United States' Ankara Embassy confirmed that many American companies now see Turkey officially as a regional hub for business.

Foreign Direct Investment from the USA

In 2020, foreign direct investment from the US topped 5.8 billion USD in total. Data also showed that in 2019, US owned affiliates employed almost 60,000 people. Eadeh said it is the US’ wish to develop Turkish-American economic ties and trade even further. She went onto to say that the growing economic relationship that the USA and Turkey enjoy, has led to the merchandise total in 2021 hitting almost 28 billion USD, which was up by an impressive 32% from 2020.

Turkish exports to the USA

During a two-day visit by the US Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, Marisa Lago, the following information was confirmed: In 2021, the United States was the second largest market for Turkish exports, and this is because Turkish goods have an increasing market around the world. There was a substantial increase of almost 45% in Turkish exports to the USA and Eadeh went on to say that: "There is room for further growth on both sides of the trading relationship."

Advancing Commercial Ties

Marisa Lago conducted separate meetings with the Deputy Minister of Trade, Mustafa Tuzcu, and the Turkish Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Alparslan Bayraktar. The meetings had the sole aim of promoting clean technologies and advancing commercial ties between the two nations.

Security and Diversity

In recent years Turkey has made good, solid progress in improving the security and diversity of their energy supplies, and because of this, the country has been dubbed a leader in the development of renewable energy.

Eadeh confirmed that the USA is totally committed to partner with Turkey to make advances in renewable energy generation sources in the region. She also said that the US are looking forward to taking things further in the future.


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