Transportation attracts foreign investors in Turkey


There is a wealth of new opportunities for foreign investors in Turkey due to the accelerating connectivity and mobility of the country, according to new data and statistics released.

In accordance with information obtained, the aviation industry in Turkey has shown growth that is well above the average in the world thanks to their investments and new regulations introduced in the country. In terms of passenger numbers, Turkey stands at number ten in the world with regards to total footfall through Turkish airports in 2018 – 2019 and was number five among the European countries.

Government agreements

To enhance Turkey’s position and country standings to become one of the top transit hubs globally, the government has signed agreements with 173 countries in aviation.

Turkey has also made agreements in maritime transportation, with Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Moldova. Whilst Ankara is also in talks with Slovenia, Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, and Pakistan in this field to further enhance Turkey’s transportation appeal.

Roll-on, Roll-off lines

To enhance international trade, Turkey is working hard to establish roll-on/roll-off (Ro-Ro) lines.

When it comes to land transportation, Turkey has focused on increasing the geometric and physical standards of the industry, as well as increase high levels of traffic safety when it comes to the international lines. These transitional routes that travel through Turkey measure a hugely impressive 8,078 miles long.

Turkey is also working hard on the highways to provide both safe and smooth passage of services and transport of goods between the continents, as this will help Turkey to enhance their position in the global competitiveness index with other countries. Turkey have already signed international transport agreements with over 70 European countries so far, and countries in Africa and Asia, as well as bilateral transport agreements with a further 59 countries around the globe.


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