Tourism investment on track to achieve 2023 Goals

Tourists in Turkey

Turkey aims to continue diversifying the best known and traditional tourist locations in the country, including Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya so that they can play host to even more tourists this year.

Investments in Turkey

The head office of the Turkish investment authority confirmed that they would continue supporting and investing in the tourist industry, to work towards and stay on track for predicted tourist goals of 2023.

Investment Office President, Arda Ermut addressed the TIF 2020 (Tourism Investors Forum) and the TTYD (Tourism Investors Association of Turkey) in Istanbul recently and explained how they are developing projects with the sole aim of diversifying tourism attractions in all areas of the country. The predominant areas they plan to target include Istanbul along with the southern Hatay and south eastern Sanliurfa areas as well as the central region of Cappadocia and western Izmir. Ermut also confirmed that regions that have not enjoyed as many tourist numbers as the hot spots are being targeted as they all have the potential to become large tourist destinations.

Turkish Airlines

Ermut went onto highlight how important THY (Turkish Airlines) is. Currently they fly to 316 airports in 313 cities in 125 countries. In the first eleven months last year, the number of international visitors to Turkey reached 42.9 million, which was a 14.3% increase on the year before.

Turkey’s Tourism Capital

Antalya the Mediterranean resort city maintained its top spot with 14.4 million visitors choosing it as their top destination last year. Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey by population, remained in second place last year welcoming 13.7 million foreign tourists. Between Antalya and Istanbul, they hosted 65% of all foreign tourists staying in Turkey.

The head of the presidential department of strategy and budget, Naci Agbal also spoke at the forum confirming that the tourist sector has been included in the development plan, which covers the social and economic policies that Turkey will put into practice until 2023.

By 2023 the new tourist strategy is targeting in excess of 75 million tourists with an expected spend of 65 billion USD. 2023 also marks the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Turkish Republic.

Global investment in Turkey

In the past 17 years Turkey has been in receipt of 217 billion USD in direct investment. Ermut confirmed this shows that when it comes to the overall investment potential of Turkey, global investors have total trust in the Turkish economy.

The true potential of Turkey could deliver higher levels, as currently the country has failed to receive its share of global investments. Ermut closed by saying, “Turkey has to receive 22.5 billion to 23 billion USD in FDI (Foreign Direct Investment.)”


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