Prolonged tourism season for Antalya following strong bookings


The vibrant resort town of Antalya, nestled in the picturesque Mediterranean region of Turkey, has experienced a highly successful start to the month of August.

Local hotels have been experiencing a significant surge in bookings, with occupancy rates skyrocketing to over 90% in the southern part of the city. This rate is a marked improvement from the previous month of July, which recorded a 70% occupancy rate.

Renewed tourist interest in Antalya

The renewed interest in Antalya can be attributed to a high demand from countries such as Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Poland. The influx of tourists has also resulted in a remarkable increase in tourist arrivals in the province, with the number of visitors exceeding 9 million so far this year, representing a more than 20% year-over-year increase from 2020.

Positive trends after turbulence from the earthquakes

Industry insiders predict that the tourism season in Antalya will extend well into November, with robust bookings expected for September and October. This positive trend has come after a brief period of turbulence caused by earthquakes in southeastern Turkey in February, which led to a decline in hotel bookings.

Foreign investment in real estate

The increase in foreign real estate investments in Antalya has also led to increased competition for accommodation among tourists, with many Antalya properties being rented out to friends and family.

In response to these challenges, the Culture and Tourism Ministry is taking proactive measures to effectively regulate this evolving landscape. New measures are expected to be introduced by the end of the year to address the growing demand for accommodation in Antalya.

Overcoming the difficulties for a successful year

Despite the difficulties, Antalya's hotels have successfully lowered their prices for August, resulting in the current occupancy rates exceeding 90%. The positive momentum is expected to keep growing, and Antalya is poised to enjoy a thriving tourism season throughout the remainder of the year.

Kavaloglu said: “We think that these occupancy rates will continue in September and October. The season will extend until mid-November.”


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