Planting a seed: Banyan Tree offers investment and lifestyle in Bodrum

The latest big brand in Bodrum is one of the world’s most luxurious - and eco-friendly.

Banyan Tree’s reputation for luxury with an emphasis on sustainability has turned them into a global brand, with 30 resorts and hotels in 28 countries. Now, they’re partnering with a top local developer to create a beachfront hotel residence in Yalikavak - and offering investors and lifestyle buyers the chance to get in at the ground floor with rock-bottom prices, which are tipped to appreciate by 50% before completion the 2018 completion date.

Banyan Tree Residences, Yalikavak, Bodrum

On the shores of Yalikavak

Banyan Tree’s emphasis on luxury design and discreet service has earned it a well-deserved reputation around the globe, and its ethos will fit right in on the Yalikavak seafront.

The pretty harbour town has always been famous for its sunsets and charming town centre. In recent years, it’s become one of the Aegean’s prime destinations for yachting and investment, particularly after the multi-million dollar development of the local marina - the incredible Palmarina. Now, it’s not only second-home buyers from Istanbul who flock here. Foreign investors are buying up the luxury developments that have sprung up in the area. Prices are high, and will go higher - which is why this project’s entry-level prices will appeal to those wanting the win-win combination of a dual investment in lifestyle and property.

The Banyan Tree Residences will be built on Yalikavak’s last remaining seafront bay, 12 minutes from Yalikavak centre and Palmarina, 10 minutes from Gundogan, 25 minutes from Bodrum Centre and 40 minutes from Bodrum Airport.

Banyan Tree Residences townhouse, Yalikavak, Bodrum

What sets these residences apart?

Bodrum is arguably Turkey’s top destination for luxury property. So what makes this project special?

  • It’s one of the largest projects in Bodrum, both in terms of investment and size: $100 million spent on a project that covers 100,000m2.
  • Its developer is well known, and has completed a number of highly sought-after projects.
  • The residences were designed by an award-winning architect, hand-picked for this project. The architect, Torti Gallas and Partners, has won more than 400 awards and is considered one of the top architectural firms in the world.
  • Its use of the innovative “foldhome” concept, which allows residents use of top-notch communal facilities in a private way.
  • Few luxury brands enjoy the same cachet as Banyan Tree. The reputation of this global brand ensures not only quality of service but a favourable return on investment for buyers.

Self-contained luxury

Built on a 100,000 square metre plot around a town square, the 500 units will include townhouses and villas in various sizes and styles. Facilities onsite include (but certainly aren’t limited to) pools, an aquapark, kids’ club and pool, a two-kilometre private beach, ball courts library, outdoor cinema, spa and fitness centres, music studios shops, cafes and restaurants. In short - everything you could ever need, as well as a few things you hadn’t thought you needed.

Banyan Tree Residences villa, Yalikavak, Bodrum

A wealth of choice

Villas: There are a number of villa styles on offer, ranging from spacious 221m2 homes to 434m2 mansions. Each villa has two gardens - one inside, one outside, and the larger villas have private pools.

Townhouses: Townhouses range in size from 88m2 two-bedroom units to 213m2 four-bedroom units, and include a landscaped gardens, decks, terraces, sea-view balconies and ensuite bathrooms.

Payment terms are favourable, with 60-month finance available. Get in touch now to find out more about the Banyan Tree Residences.


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Smartly priced seafront Homes Istanbul

Smartly priced seafront Homes Istanbul

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