New report shows GCC tourists to Turkey rise by 38%

According to the latest statistics published, Turkey has once again surpassed expectations with an increase of almost 40% GCC visitors from January to October 2014. The Turkish Consulate General Cultural and Information Office provided the total number of GCC visitors was over 211,000.

Within the first ten months the largest number of visitors was over 120,000 and these were Kuwaiti nationals and this was an astounding increase of 52% which equates to an additional 79,059 visitors on the previous year. There were also over 43,000 tourists from the UAE and over 27,000 Qatari tourists that also visited during this period of time.

Summer was a particularly successful time in terms of visitors to Turkey, and this was also due to the Eid Al Fitr holidays and Ramadan all occurring during the summer months and this provided a record number of visitors reaching over 22,000.
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In addition to the huge push that came from the tourism sector, Turkey also enjoyed new interest from investors looking for opportunities, with the GCC investors in the period that spanned January to April spending a huge $1.26 billion on real estate in Turkey; this is in accordance with the figures that were released b y the Turkish Ministry of Finance.

The GCC currently contributes to 5% of the revenue that is brought in to the country via tourism. With the expansion of airlines and the routes that they offer it makes it incredibly easy for tourists to visit and discover the host of attractions that Turkey has to offer. Certain reputable holiday companies are now offering package holidays all year round which will also have a positive effect in the future.

Mustafa Ozdemir, the cultural and information attached to the Turkish Cultural General Cultural and Information office stated that Turkey as a country intends to build on the high momentum that the country is currently enjoying and make additional investments into many new projects and initiatives that will expand the current business and leisure facilities that this great country has to offer.

Turkey is located on the divide between two continents, Asia and Europe. Throughout history, many civilisations have passed through this spectacular country all leaving their own traces which has resulted in a country that is steeped in history and cultural traditions. With Turkey being so close to subtropics the majority of areas enjoy warm climates with little cold places. With such optimum temperatures it is easy to grow most things and enjoy a number of holiday options such as a beach holiday, a skiing holiday, a historic holiday and so on. 
Beach holidays in Turkey

The Turkish culture is a diverse mix of Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Caucasian and southeast European, which means that the music, food and people are very individual and different. The Turkish people are on the whole a very friendly race and because they value the profits that are brought by the visitors they are very helpful towards the foreign visitors.

Whether it is the true value for money that Turkey offers as a holiday destination or the outstanding nature, rich culture and history on offer, Turkey is certainly holding its own in terms of top destinations for both visitors and investors, and this is a trend that shows no signs of slowing as we progress into a new year. 


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