Istanbul set to launch fastest Metro Line


A new Metro Line has been running trials to connect Gayrettepe to Istanbul Airport. The line is due to open next year and will be the fastest line in the city with the capability of travelling at 120kph.

The Transport and Infrastructure Minister, Adil Karaismailoglu, was present at the trials and added that the Metro Line would also be the first to use the country’s signalling system produced solely in-house. The metro will also be using trains complete with domestically engineered engines.

Where will the metro stop?

Work began on the Metro Line in January 2020, and it will have nine stops in the districts of Kagithane and Eyupsultan districts on its way to Istanbul Airport, located in the northwest part of the city. The 23.3 miles (37.5km) line is expected to provide airline passengers with a comfortable and fast journey whilst avoiding traffic in the city.

The line construction

The construction of the line and nine stations will be accompanied by ten sets of trains which will all be tested along the line. In the meantime, according to Karaismailoglu, the finishing touches are being made to the first six of the stations. He went on to say: “Ninety-six percent of the line is completed, and it will serve 600,000 passengers daily.” The last stop, which is Istanbul Airport has three sections. One is the main entrance, one for a second terminal and the third for a cargo terminal.

When speaking to reporters, Karaismailoglu said that the rail system in current use consists of 259km, but the new one will cover 363km. As well as the ministry, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is involved in the new project. The minister confirmed that they are currently working on seven different metro lines across the city, and once completed, it will make up half of the rail network in the city.

Rail information

The new line will link up with other lines, including the high-speed metro lines operating between Kabatas and Mahmutbey, Yenikapi and Haciosman, and Halkali and Istanbul Airport.

Saving time and money

Passengers will also save time and money thanks to this new metro line, with the commute between the airport and Gayrettepe taking just over half an hour. The journey from the airport to Taksim Square will take just 40 minutes compared to the same route taking over an hour in the city’s traffic.

Karaismailoglu also stated that Turkey would save over 3 million USD over the following three decades thanks to this metro line.


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