Edgy Erdogan, women MPs and drunken Kate Moss

Erdogan urges speedy formation of government

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged the four parties represented in parliament to work fast to form a new government.

Erdogan was left reeling early this week after a general election saw his Justice and Development (AKP party lose its supermajority, quashing the former Prime Minister’s plans to amend the constitution and create an executive presidency.

AKP will need to either form a coalition or try to rule as a minority government. If either option falls down, Turkey might face snap elections.

Erdogan is promising to do everything he can to find a solution to the stalemate, while remaining impartial as president. “Egos should be set aside and a [coalition] government should be formed as soon as possible,” he said. “Nobody will be able to shoulder the responsibility of leaving Turkey without a government.”

AKP leader and PM, Ahmet Davutoglu, said his party would not exclude any of the opposition parties from becoming a coalition partner.

So far, none of the three opposition parties have expressed much interest in a coalition government with AKP.

Co-chair of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Selahattin Demirtas, said his party was open to teaming up with any opposition party - bar the AKP.


Kate Moss escorted off plane from Bodrum

Supermodel Kate Moss has hit the headlines again after being escorted off a plane flying from Bodrum to London. Moss allegedly drank vodka she brought with her in her carry-on luggage after being denied drinks on the flight. She then proceeded to become loud and aggressive when asked to be quiet.

The 41-year-old was escorted off the EasyJet flight when it reached London’s Luton Airport. Police confirm they assisted a passenger off a flight but did not name Moss. The passenger was not arrested, police stated.

One of the world’s most familiar faces, Moss was discovered at 14 and has featured on hundreds of magazine covers and in campaigns advertising designers from Calvin Klein to Louis Vuitton.

Bodrum is a favourite spot of the supermodel, and she travels there regularly to visit the peninsula’s spa resorts, including Life Co.

Kate Moss plane Turkey

Turkey and US are a good team in the fight against ISIL

State Department spokesperson Jeff Rathke stated that the US and Turkey have a good partnership in the fight against ISIL. Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Rathke said the US would continue to work closely with Turkey “across all the lines of effort in the fight against ISIL.”

Rathke’s remarks follow those of US President Barack Obama, who said Turkey needed to up its efforts.

Rathke said Turkey had already taken action. “Turkey has already taken additional steps. We’ve worked closely with them, and again, we think there is more that can be done by all members of the coalition to stop the flow of foreign terrorist fighters. That’s a discussion that’s ongoing with our Turkish allies and that will continue,” he said.

Increasing number of Turkish women in politics

Three out of four of the parties represented in Turkish parliament have increased the number of women deputies. This parliament therefore has one of the highest numbers of women deputies in history.

In the previous election in 2011, 79 women entered parliament. This week, 97 women won a seat. Forty-six of these are in the ruling AKP, 19 from the Republican People’s Party and three from the Nationalist Movement Party. Eleven more were elected as independent candidates.

The HDP has the strongest representation of women, consistent with its gender policy. HDP rules state that a man and a woman must share all leadership positions.

Turkish Parliament

Gezi Park tear gas officer ordered to plant trees

In a move guaranteed to please lovers of irony - and of green spaces - a police officer who was involved in aggressive action against Gezi Park protesters in 2013 has been ordered to plant 600 trees.

Istanbul’s Gezi Park spurred protests two years ago after residents gathered in the park to oppose the destruction of trees in the park to make way for a construction project.

The policeman in question was caught on camera gassing a woman dressed in a red dress. The image spread around the world, and became a symbol for the unnecessary actions taken by the police during this time.

The court in Istanbul sentenced the police officer, known only as Fatih Z, to a suspended sentence of 20 months in prison as well as the order to plant trees and maintain them for six months.

Ceyda Sungur, the woman in the red dress, filed a complaint after the incident in May 2013. She has also claimed that another Gezi Park protester died of cancer following the protests, after experiencing tear gas at close range.


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