Dubai glitz plus Bodrum glamour equals unparalleled luxury

Bodrum is undoubtedly the glitziest, ritziest port on the Turkish south coast. There are surely more upmarket clubs and beautiful people here than the rest of the country combined. The peninsula is the favourite playground of some of the world’s biggest names: the Jaggers, the Rothschilds, Tom Hanks, Bill Gates and Beyonce.

So it’s little wonder that when Dubai-based Jumeirah Group cast their eye around the Mediterranean for a spot that was right for a luxurious new hotel they landed on Bodrum. The hotel formerly known as the Golden Savoy will become Jumeirah Bodrum Palace Hotel - the second Jumeirah in Turkey after the Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah in Istanbul.

Jumeirah Bodrum Palace

The moniker “palace” is somewhat overused in the hotel industry, but we'll let Jumeirah get away with this one because the new hotel does sound like somewhere royalty would happily stay. There will be 135 suites and villas, and thanks to the semi-circular layout on a headland, each dwelling will have a view over the Aegean sea.

There will be a staggering amount of pools - 57 - with the villas each having a private pool.

The complex covers 110,000 square metres and has 57 pools (each villa has its own pool), a spa centre, high end shops, an outdoor seawater pool, a hammam, a pier and a private beach. Guests have 24-hour access to a butler service.

The hotel opens on the first of May, and will cost €312. By June, this figure will be €552. That’s a lot for Turkey, but high-end Bodrum hotels are now commanding these kinds of prices. And compared to similar hotels on the French Riviera, it’s a bargain.

Jumeirah Bodrum Palace


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