Brexit a positive for Turkish tourism


A popular Turkish newspaper recently reported that experts think that Brexit will have a positive effect on the country when it comes to tourism numbers in Turkey. They have come to this conclusion as there will be more procedures for British visitors wanting to travel within EU countries than British visitors heading to Turkey.

British travellers visiting EU post-Brexit

Post-Brexit for UK travellers means more expensive air travel costs, new visa requirements (even though this will be a different type), longer passport queues to navigate, fewer health insurance benefits, and more expensive insurance in general. UK travellers can enter Turkey extremely easy in comparison.

In a report from Deloitte, a firm of consultants to ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) they have indicated that the difference between the English Pound Sterling against the Euro will be affected in a different way in EU member and non-EU countries, which is bound to reflect on the tourism industry as a whole.

New Regulations come into place

The new regulations are expected to have an affect on duty free shopping, car rentals and travelling with pets, and these will affect the British holidaymakers with experts expecting this to push British travellers in favour of non-EU countries. Due to the “all-inclusive” prices that Turkey can offer foreign holidaymakers, the number of British tourists and Turkish property buyers has already increased steadily over the last few years.

The increasingly popular Turkish Riviera

Generally, tourists from Britain are more attracted to the southwestern coasts in Turkey as well as the Mediterranean resort city in the Turkish Riviera, Antalya. These have become the top spots in Turkey amongst tourists with travellers able to enjoy: the golf courses, luxury shopping malls, 5-star fully equipped hotels, miles of long sandy beaches, and hundreds of historical sites and monuments that the country has to offer.


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